lindsay + anthony = eliana

Thats right, those Elario brides keep having babies! I’m honored every time I hear back from one of my past clients asking me for newborn photos. It really is a super compliment to us! Next up is Lindsay and Anthony! You might remember them from their wedding last year. I’m sure you will because the ladies all swooned over her gown. Anyway I’m giving you something new to swoon over and her name is Eliana! This little girl is pretty darn adorable. I look forward to catching up and doing more sessions with Lindsay, Anthony and Eliana. I can’t thank you guys enough for asking me back! Congrats on this beauty!


Their engagement session from last year..

Their wedding, May 21, 2011.

then Eliana was delivered by the stork, this is how she arrived, in a basket with a hat on 😉 so cute.

Looking pretty comfortable and relaxed!

how happy does Anthony look?

I love this one..

and this one too..

so precious

the little smirk!

one last one.. the little bird. congrats you guys!!

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