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Meet Victoria!

Meet Victoria!
Today I'm sharing a very special blog post with you all. Some of you might know Jamie, she's been on our team since early 2012 and we also shot her and Josh's wedding back in 2011. A couple weeks ago Jamie and Josh welcomed an adorable baby girl into the world, Little Miss Victoria. Jamie had been working with Kailin of Simply Scout Designs on her shoot and I have to [...]

Cait & Tyler’s 90 State Street Wedding Photos

Cait & Tyler's 90 State Street Wedding Photos
July 16th 2016 was a blast. We knew it was going to be though since this wasn't our first go round with the O'Callaghan clan!  I think Mark (FOB) paid extra for the weather too since it was perfect. You know how July days can be muggy and just uncomfortable? Well it was anything but that. We set off the day at the O'Callaghan home before heading to Schuyler Meadows fo[...]