meaghan & rob: franklin plaza

It really is a small world and I’ll tell you why. Kris Ann and I own a condo where 39 other people live. When outside either grilling, walking Lexie, taking out the trash etc I would always see this girl (Meaghan) who lived there and she was always either heading out for a run or coming in from one. From time to time I’d see the guy (Rob) too but his hours were a little different than your normal 9-5. Anyway an email came in with the subject “Wedding photos- Meaghan from (insert our address)”. I just thought it was funny as did Meaghan who also mentioned the words “Small world!” in her email. I later found out I knew Rob from back in middle school. So yes, it really is a small world out there.

Anyway that brings us up to March 12, 2011. This past Saturday was a great day for March considering the winter we just had. Holy smokes was is ever going to stop snowing? Is it done? Can I just say how bad I was itching to get out there and shoot a wedding? 7 weeks off was too long! We set things off with Meaghan and the girls at Franklin Plaza. We decided on the plaza because of how diverse of a location it is for working indoors and outdoors. Meaghan and Rob also opted for a first look because of their 5:30pm Mass in Albany. Plus they wanted to enjoy every minute of the infamous Franklin Plaza cocktail hour. The awesomely talented videographer Al Woodard was with us (what else is new?) for the first time of many more in 2011. Al already beat me on the blogging and posted a fabulous three minute piece of their wedding here. It’s really wonderful, props to Alfie! Keeping it local Meaghan and Rob chose that cute little flower shop up the street from them. You might have heard of Fleurtacious Designs right? Oh by the way welcome to 2011, Fleurtacious finally has a facebook page, so please go “like” them here and keep up with their beautiful creations. Ok so now that I’ve successfully promoted two of my favorite local wedding peeps let’s get back into the blog! I just love the little series from their first look. They were both so excited to see one another. As always Troy never disappoints for some urban portraits of a bride and groom. Before we knew it we had to head into Albany for their 5:30 Mass. I miss shooting in St Mary’s. It seems like we used to shoot their every other weekend. After they became husband and wife it was time to party. The Franklin Plaza and their new LED lighting system was sweet. The incredibly talented New York Players took this one into overdrive from the first note they played. How does this band continue to get better and better each time? If you have them booked, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Big thanks to Hayden Yund for rocking out the Elario Photo Booth! I had a blast at this wedding. Congrats to the Mully’s! I hope your getting nice and tan and drinking something yummy while looking at this blog. See you around the compound!


Lace.. pretty..

Our beautiful bride puts on some finishing touches..

Yup, stunning.

Since Meaghan runs like 7 miles a day we had to get this one.

Sup ladies?

The boys..

He can hear her coming..

A love this little first look series..

How could he not smile?

too cute

I just love real shots like this…

ah the red building.. I can’t pass a red wall by.

I love this.

another fav..

Always smiling.. all day.

My facebook teaser.. lets be friends if we’re not already.

A little configuration.

All up in their grill. FYI.. I love this one.

ok lets go to the church..

but I need one more shot.

5 minutes to go..

another proud father. oh by the way Meaghan’s father is a great piano player. He was playing the piano at Franklin Plaza earlier. Nice job sir.

This is why people choose St Mary’s in Albany. Its beautiful….

and so are moments like this during the ceremony.

The kiss..

Mr & Mrs..

The ballroom by Fleurtacious Designs.

Great entrance..


The New York Players..

always provide me with great party images.

Some rings..

Wait, whats she doing? Emailing her photo to herself we just took seconds ago? Word. iPad style. The Elario Photo Booth steps it up for 2011..

Oh stop being so serious!

Congrats you guys!

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