meara & avery

I think we’re due for some beautiful little ladies on the blog, yes? I love when I hear from Jen (mom) and she tells me its time to get some updated photos. Over the years I’ve photographed little Meara so much! She’s no stranger to the pages of this blog and probably should have her own category here as well. 😉 Now add little new sister Avery to the mix and we have two super cuties to share on the blog! Its so easy!! So sit back, relax and enjoy the images!


We’ll start with one of the super pretty Meara..

Miss Avery is like “what you want from me, JP?”

love this one..

So cute..

The eyes are quite amazing..


This image is too easy to love.. what pretty girls!

and I’ll end with one of me and my little friend, Meara..

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