Meet Adlee

We were 22 weeks pregnant when we sat in a dark ultrasound room and were told that Adlee had a condition called hydrocephalus. Adlee’s brain formed differently than it should have, clogging the natural flow of fluid; fluid pooled and collected in a space where it shouldn’t have, filling her head, compressing her brain and causing her head to grow at a rapid pace. While no one knew exactly how severely she would be affected, doctors agreed that her prognosis was poor. Some doctors didn’t think she would survive the pregnancy and others believed she would never talk, walk or breathe on her own. Mike and I didn’t have much hope, but against the advice of many professionals, we decided that Adlee deserved a chance to prove everyone wrong. And she has. Adlee endured three brain surgeries in her first six weeks and, even in the midst of it, surprised everyone. The same doctors that once explained her poor prognosis now tell us that she can “shoot for the moon.”

So last week I met little Adlee and fell in love wither her. She’s an adorable little girl with a lot of hope and two awesome parents! Her smile will make you melt. Kara and Mike, it was so great to see you two again. Congrats on this sweet little lady! Keep smiling.


For those visiting this blog for a while I’m sure you remember their wedding from 2010!
2013: their family has grown!
I knew Kara would bring the style to the shoot. After all, she was the first Elario bride ever to start the name on the hanger trend!
trying to eat her pearls.. lol
can you handle the cuteness?
Loving the colors in these..
Yellow is my favorite color! Love the headband.
one more with the fam!
I’ll end with the ladies… 🙂


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