meet henry

 Hello friends! I’d like to introduce, Henry. This little dude is kinda like a nephew to me. I’ve been friends with Henry’s Mother, Johanna for over 10 years now and Henry’s father, Graig for 3 years. When I found out they were expecting I knew I had to take some photos for them! He’s such a cute little guy! They’re blessed with this bundle of joy. Thanks for having me capture these images for you!

JP (or to Johanna and Graig, Joe)

When I arrived he was all snuggled up sleeping..

Little did he know he was going to be stripped down and placed on an old crate 🙂

Nice hat, playa!

A cute detail with rings and his awesome hoodie from Crazy as a Loom, check them out amazing stuff and they’re local!

I love all the blue! This too from Crazy as a Loom.

Why not? After all Valentines Day is coming up. Remember who to get your flowers from 😉

I love all Graig’s tattoos in this one..


Congrats you two!!

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