Meet Sofia

Last week I got to hang out with the adorable, Sofia! I mean seriously I’m spoiled with all these cute kids making me look good on this blog. You might remember Sofia’s parents, Polina and Tony as we shot their beautiful wedding two years ago this month. Well since then Sofia arrived and turned 1 just last week. Polina and Tony asked me to capture this mini milestone for the little beauty. They also had the incredibly talented, Kailin Curtin style the shoot. Kailin is so great with the props and I love what she did with the 1 year old sign. Oh and of course they brought their little doggy, Pulo too. I love everything about this shoot so lets get to the photos. Polina and Tony, thank you both for having me capture Sofia’s 1 year photos, congrats on this beautiful baby girl!


We last left off with their wedding
Meet, Sofia!
Those feet, I can’t take it.
How awesome is this sign??? My favorite image from the shoot.
The family!
Could the park have been more perfect?
love it.
Oh hey handsome.
just chillin’
cute series.
that smile!
loving all the colors you get during spring shoots..
See his bow tie too? So cool.
and this is when we knew the shoot was over lol… thank you guys!!! Happy Birthday, Sofia!


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