meet the tumonis family

A couple weeks ago I had the chance to catch up with Kaylee, Joe, Joey and Mikey.. We’ve been trying to schedule this session for two years and finally it happened. I’m excited we finally did get to shoot this because they are one good looking family! We shot in Washington Park in Albany. I feel like thats my unofficial outdoor studio since its like a few blocks from our office. Anyway, I’ll stop running my mouth so you can see this good looking fam! Thanks again to the Tumonis crew, we should do this every year!!


I told you they were one good looking family!

Little Joey has some swagger for sure!

Mikey, made me work hard for this image! (he wasn’t that into the whole photo session thing)

So cute!

This one makes me dizzy! Now I can’t take credit for this idea. I borrowed it from my good photo bff Dale Benfield. So fun!

I’ll end with this one.. thanks to you guys!! Keep smiling!

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