Megan & Doug’s Saratoga National Wedding Photos

August 16th, 2013 AKA Megan and Doug’s wedding day was so awesome. It was again a perfect day for the month of August. Megan and the ladies were all at Megan’s parents home in Guilderland getting glammed up. Everyone was on time because Megan is a teacher and boy are those teachers always organized ;). Fact: the last three Elario brides have all been teachers (hope they all overlook my grammar). The flowers on site were of course stunning because Kris Ann of Fleurtacious Designs was in the house on this one too! Speaking of stunning, Megan in that gown. She was a jaw dropper for sure, we’re so spoiled with all of our brides! After some photos at the house we headed to their church, St John’s Lutheran Church in Altamont (I kinda wanted to stop at the fair too lol).

We headed off to Saratoga National for the rest of their wedding photos and oh yeah a super fun wedding! How we managed to travel up 87 north on a Friday at 5:30ish and hit no traffic was simply a gift from God. When we all arrived at SNGC as usual their awesome staff greeted everyone and helped keep the day moving. Megan and Doug had some locations planned on the course, this came as no surprise to me as they were super organized with their engagement photos in Maine and had all those locations scouted as well. So we ventured around the amazing grounds at Saratoga National and then it was party time! The ballroom was looking very good because Fleurtacious Designs made sure of that, they always do. Then DJ Paul Malo took command of the party and it was on like donkey kong. People danced all night and when they weren’t dancing they were in the Elario Photo Booth with Hayden. All and all a wonderful evening had by all.

Megan and Doug, thank you, thank you, thank you! You both put a lot of work into this wedding and all the planning that went with it. We were honored to be the ones to capture it all for you. Working with you has been a pleasure from start to finish. We all wish you the very best for the years ahead. Enjoy your honeymoon next week but first enjoy this blog. 🙂


All the lovely details..
she’s a stunner, folks!
a tribute to their love for Maine maybe?
time to get dressed..
a lovely reveal for Megan’s parents and Grandmother.
the ladies..
Bouquets by none other than Fleurtacious Designs..
our stunning bride.
What a lovely day.

Love this shot of Doug with the guys in the church

Patiently awaiting his bride..
A quick switch of the engagement ring to the right hand and then we’re ready.
LOVE this one!!!
Basically the same shot from two different angles.. I like to think Big Joe and myself do this quite well. Only been doing it for like 20 years together.
Every once in a while I’ll bust out the fisheye, this was that occasion.
If you were lucky to attend their ceremony you would have enjoyed their music (great job fellas)
making it official…
Mr & Mrs..
happens at every wedding…
Welcome to Saratoga National Golf Course.
the bridal party..
ok.. time for some fun in the sun!!!!!!
Who crushed the Elario Configuration? Megan and Doug did..
how I love the late light in the summer..
Classic Saratoga National Photos..
I love this one!
An easy favorite.
August 16th, 2013 had some of the yummiest light of the season..
My facebook teaser…
bling it in..
Party time!
Some fleurs by Fleurtacious Designs.. and table numbers by Jenny C Design.
Making an entrance.
1st dance.
A hora? haha!
Goooooood times!
A debute of a different Gatsby with white lines instead of the silver ones.. Funniest bridesmaid of the day award goes to homegirl in the middle.. haha.
Remember them? Yeah you do! The bump is growing..
This guy….
Congrats you two!!!


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