Megan & Doug’s York Beach Maine Engagement Photos

Back in October when we first chatted about their engagement session these two had another location in mind. They wanted to be different but at the same time they wanted it to mean something to them.  It wasn’t until a month ago when the idea of shooting in Maine was brought up. As Megan said to me in an email, “Maine is so special to us and we go up many times throughout the year.” Of course, I was a huge fan for shooting here because after all it’s Maine and it’s gorgeous!

The days leading up to this session we were unsure about the weather, there was like a 30-40% chance of rain and who wants to drive 3.5-4 hours just to get rained on? Not this guy. I looked at a couple weather sites and ultimately made the decision at 8:00 am the day of the shoot that we needed to just roll the dice. So Hayden and I hit the road and boy were we happy when we rolled into York Beach and the sun was shining! Thank you mother nature for having our back!! We had a blast with Megan and Doug. These two are a super cute couple as you’ll see from the photos. We can’t thank them enough for having us and look forward to August when we’ll capture them tying the knot! See you two soon!


Meet Megan and Doug..
From the first few frames of the shoot I knew it was going to be a good one!
So pretty.
This b&w is to die for.
Did I mention the water was a little cold? I love this beach vibe with out shoes and all!
A pretty snap by Miss Hayden.
The Nubble Lighthouse served as a perfect Maine backdrop.
I want to live there.
So fun!
An Elario Configuration less than 80 feet above sea level 😉
Outfit #2 and a new location, Perkins Cove.
Love their color choices…
And of course the boat shoes..
Hayden said I’d probably write something about me loving all the lines on this bridge so I  I’ll instead tell you that it shook and made me nervous.
Amazing spot of light hitting these two on Marginal Way.
I mean seriously, this location!!
It was a little adventure to get to this rock but a must to say the least.
oh my!
one of my favorites from the second set.
This is where I mention how beautiful Megan is.
Easily my favorite image from this shoot..
So pretty..
Love the tones in this one..
Just a stunning little series in some AMAZING light.
The water got colder for here, my feet were numb I cant imagine how theirs felt.
another favorite from this set too..
as always my token “bling shot
And the turnaround.. Leave it to Hayden to make that face. Thank you guys!!!!!!!!


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