Megan & Mina’s Canfield Casino Wedding Photos

What’s not to love about this one? Megan and Mina are two incredibly photogenic people and also super fun to be around which made Friday October 11, 2013 that much more awesome. We set off the day at the Saratoga Hilton where the ladies of Make Me Fabulous were wrapping up their glamor session. We next headed to Congress Park for all of our photos including a first look. We planned it so I’d have ample time with Megan and Mina, this was great and resulted in lots of bride and groom images both on the front end and after the ceremony. Speaking of their ceremony, it was at one of my favorite churches in Saratoga Springs, the Bethesda Episcopal Church. We love shooting at this place!

After the ceremony we headed back to Congress Park for more photos with our bride and groom! Megan was like “can we lay on the grass in some leaves?” My head spun, I love when people wanna get down and dirty, after all you’re not wearing that gown again! I love our second set of photos too. Thanks to Megan and Mina for going for it! Next it was time to party! And finally I got to hang with my man (and upcoming Elario groom) DJ Vinny Vin of NonStop Music. He and the crew from Mazzone Hospitality made sure Megan and Mina’s wedding was off the hook and that it was. They all partied like animals and were crazy in the Elario Photo Booth.

Megan and Mina, thank you both for having us at your wedding. Thanks for keeping our Albany College of Pharmacy bride and groom streak going strong! Working with you on both your engagement session and wedding was not at all work for me, it was fun because you both made it that way! We all wish you many many years of happiness! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Remember their engagement session? Loved this one!

October 11, 2013…

Since they both live in Philly…. how about them shoes too? 

A note from Mina, he called her his “salt” because everything is better with salt and he cant get enough… Fact: Megan yells at him for using too much salt.  

Not a bad gift huh?

Finishing touches for the handsome, Mina. 

and there’s Megan! Looking goooooood.

So pretty…

Such a sweet moment with Megan’s father while Mom and Sis watch along.. 

The ladies… 

Pretty colors… 

Loved her gown.. 

I LOVE this one!! 

He likes what he sees! 

The back of the gown did look awesome huh Mina?

So cute… 

Mina killing it in his Yves St Laurent tux… 

The bridal party.. 

Congress Park was looking pretty awesome.. 

Bling it in.. 

I loved all the pine needles in the water..

Classic Canfield Casino Wedding Photo.. 

Loving these two paired together! 

These two have it.. like they just fall into shots together so nicely. 

the one on the left is one of my favorites… 

Ceremony time.. 

On deck with Dad… 

Here comes the bride.. 

This church is AMAZING!

It’s official!! Time to change your last name on FB! 😉

Mr & Mrs… 

Another favorite.. 

Killing the configuration.. Killing it..

Some more lovely colors.. 

I love more then anything when a couple is game to go for it! 

October weddings = beautiful images.. 

Ahhhhhh…. I know I’ve said a lot of these images are “my favorites” and “I love it” but man oh man this one is up there with the rest.. 

Such a good spot! 

The Canfield Casino in Congress Park.. 

A pop of color from DJ Vinny Vin’s up-lights! 

head table. 

Pretty flowers.. 

Something sweet.. 

Time to party! 

1st dance.. 

The twin.. getting his toast on.. 

cake, cake, cake, cake, cake…….

Megan had her Egyptian moves down! 

and the photo booth…. gatsby (of course).. never had we had a drop that was so popular!

Love these two!! So great seeing you guys!!!


Photo booth all stars!! Congrats!   



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