Mikey & Sana’s NYC Surprise Proposal Photos

Back in December at an event I was shooting, I caught wind of what was to come in the months ahead. Mikey’s Mother Adrienne told me Mikey was planning on popping the question and when the time came we would hear from them. I took that as once these two got engaged we would get the call to capture their wedding. Little did I know I would get the call to capture the proposal!

It was an elaborate plan that began back in January (at least my involvement). What always was planned was Mikey would propose to Sana in the Bull & Bear Steakhouse and I would capture it. But how to you get a Doctor in her residency away for a weekend? The ploy was Mikey’s father was to receive an award down in NYC at The Waldorf Astoria and Mikey and Sana were attending this event as guests. There was even a fake invitation mailed to them as to make this seem legit.  The plan was on the morning of, Mikey’s father, Mike was going to let them know he was sick on the day of the award ceremony and would need Mikey to accept the award on his behalf. They even went as far as to have a business associate of his fathers in the hotel as well. There was no way Sana would have a clue what was actually about to go down.

My ground work began late January when I happened to be in NYC for fun one night. I popped over to the Bull & Bear and scoped out the place ultimately deciding on the exact table this proposal would go down at. On the afternoon of, I met Mikey in the restaurant and showed him where to propose. Everything was set!

The table was decorated with flowers by Fleurtacious Designs because Mikey wanted the best 😉 Their reservation was set for 9pm. He even got a “reserved” table sign and place cards with their names on it (from Jenny C Design). They headed down to the restaurant with Sana entering a few minutes before Mikey. At first, she sat at the wrong table and my stomach dropped, but the staff then moved her to the right spot. When she took her correct seat there was a book Mikey had made for her with photographs of them. Then Mikey arrived and champagne was served along with a cake for dessert. Mikey gave Sana a necklace (which she was more than happy with) as to throw her off. Then for what felt like an eternity to me (because I was a nervous wreck) they chatted at the table before he would get up and pop the question.

How did I capture it all you might ask? I had a separate camera setup that was a shot of their table. I needed to capture her seeing the book and being gifted the necklace. I was about 20 feet from them and couldn’t look through a camera, pointing at them, without Sana being like what’s that guy taking my picture for? I had a remote setup and I would fire when needed. It was on our table pointed through a glass partition. I couldn’t see their table with my eyes and also didn’t want Sana to notice me. So I slumped down in my chair and waited for my cue to click the button. Lucky I had the best sparkle team (Katie and Nate Maloney of Katie O’ Weddings and Events) sitting across from me to tell me when to click the shutter. Why were they there? Katie & I won a cruise for our Dining Out for Life duties and the cruise left the next day. We also decided Kris Ann and Nate should join our cruise because that would be weird. Anyway, without their help it would have been very tough for me to capture all of this. Once Mikey got up and walked over to Sana to propose, I stood up and with my other camera began shooting. Every photo taken by me was simultaneously being taken by my second camera. Oh and for the photo geeks, that restaurant was extremely dark and I had to crank my ISO to numbers I avoid on the regular.

Obviously she said yes! Everything was perfect. Mikey was as cool as a cucumber and I think I was the only nervous person in that dining room that night. Before they departed for the evening I pulled them out onto Park Ave to capture a few images, and of course my bling shot. I could not be happier with this one. We’re all filled with joy and excitement for Sana and Mikey and want to say congratulations again! Maybe you’ll see them on the blog in future donning some wedding gear. 😉 To everyone involved in this one, stand up and take a bow, you all knocked it out of the park! Congrats again!!!

Saturday March 7, 2015.
In this image you are seeing Mikey giving Sana her necklace. (this is my static table camera)
then he got up… she knew what was coming.
here it comes!!
I just love all her emotion…

She said yes!!

A cute moment after she said yes..

She didn’t stop looking at that ring!
Out on Park Ave she still can’t believe what just happened!
Love this one!
and you know I had to do my token “bling shot”!
Cheers you two!!


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