mona + andrew = roya (& nathaniel too!)

Ok its time to get back into the swing of things over here on this blog! We all remember Mona (& Andrew) right? Well in the first part of this blog post I’ll be sharing images of their newest addition, Roya. This blogs been long overdue because a couple weeks ago I ventured down to Queens to photograph them. Once I was done I walked over to Clarissa & Neema’s (Mona’s brother and sister-inlaws) home and grabbed some shots of their baby, Nathaniel which is why the title “(& Nathaniel too!)”.

I must say its super fun watching my clients grow. I remember years ago back in November of 2008 meeting Mona and her family at a wedding we were shooting. They were touring the venue and we hit it off. Then we were signed up to photograph their wedding in November of 2009. Throughout the whole planning process I was blogging my butt off per usual and Mona became one of my biggest fans. She comments on pretty much every blog I’ve posted from 2009 to now so make sure you leave some love because you can bet she’s commented on your wedding, engagement session or whatever! Now, like I said its pretty awesome watching my clients who are now my friends grow. Its pretty cool to have captured so many important events in their lives and I’m honored to keep getting asked back! Their daughter Roya is beautiful which is no surprise to me because they both are beautiful people. Thank you guys so much for continuing to have me capture your lives!!

I’d be crazy if I didn’t mention little Nathaniel in my write up. This is one super cute kid!! It worked out perfectly that Clarissa and Neema live around the corner from Mona and Andrew. We also had the honor of shooting their wedding back in 2010. They are also wonderful people who we love seeing! I feel like we’re blessed to have awesome clients! So Mr Nathaniel did his thing for me but only gave me like 15 minutes of his attention then he was done with me. It’s all good, I know I’ll be photographing this family again. 😉 Congrats to you guys on this handsome dude!!

Thank you all again, you’re all great people with beautiful families and I’m honored to be the one who gets to capture it all!


We’ll begin with a little recap of Mona and Andrews history with my camera… first came love, their engagement session.

Then came marriage.

Then came a little bump.. this was last November..

Then in late January came little Roya… a future Elario blog stalker.

love this one.. how about that head of hair!!! She gets it from her Mama. 😉

So precious.

Aww she smiled..

She slept most of the morning but did open her eyes for a minute..

so perfect..

Easily my favorite image from the whole shoot.. I love this.

Andrew loving being a Dad..

A little nose kiss..

Another favorite of mine..

Yeah, thats right..

Now onto Clarissa and Neema.. We shot their wedding back in July of 2010..

Around the blog waited this little gentleman, Nathaniel. How cute is he?

So cute..

He’s got that smile!!!

One more.. can’t wait to photograph this little dude again.

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