Nicole & Eric’s Fort Tryon Park Engagement Photos

It’s time for Nicole & Eric’s Fort Tryon Park engagement photos! I have never heard of Fort Tryon before a few weeks ago when Nicole was emailing me about shooting there. Once I saw the images she sent I knew it was going to be a sweet location and that it was! I’m looking forward to capturing these two again in January (hopefully in some fresh snow) when they tie the knot! Thank you both for having me, I enjoyed shooting in a new location more than you know!


Meet Nicole and Eric..
We found this pretty shaded spot to set off the session..
and without asking Nicole did this… (she looks at the blog a lot 😉
This place has a very central park feel to it as you’ll see from the next few images..
Loved this spot with all the ivy and the light creeping through.
working it like old pros!
So pretty..
and one more in outfit #1
How awesome is that skirt?
Another spot I loved. The tones and texture in those doors are awesome.
Cobblestone, yes please! Nicole doing a great job navigating with those heels on too!
This building was amazing!
We tried to shoot up top there where the other gate was but some cranky security guard had an ego-trip. lol… ask for forgiveness not permission.
but we still snuck around and made it happen. 😉
A squirrel almost jumped out the tree and maybe on me while I was shooting this.
Aaaaah love the gate!
Two favorites for me.
and we finally found “the tunnel” 😉 Love it.
before I took this image there were 3 baby skunks like 10 feet from me. Thankfully Mama didn’t see and spray me!
Elario couples like to live on the edge…
like seriously on the edge! So awesome!
since it was a pretty sky..
and if you don’t know this is how I’ve been ending my engagement sessions since 2008. this is my token “bling shot”
and the turnaround! Thanks to my assistant and Nicole’s MOH Katie! See you guys soon!


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