party time 2012!

Party time!  Aaaah the party! This is what makes shooting a very long day fly by. Its when we all get our second wind. The music is bumping, the alcohol is flowing and thats when everyone thinks they’re the best dancers in the room. Thats also when we capture some super fun images. I dont think I need to continue to explain what this blog is all about just sit back, relax and enjoy some fun party shots from our 2012 season.


Alison & Jeff  busting a move.

Ashlee, caught with moonshine!

Carolyn’s guest was real thirsty.

Christina & Dave had one crazy party! These girls tore the floor up!

Ah the fist pump at Nicole & Chris‘s wedding.

Where’s Big Joe at Jessica & Clinton‘s wedding?


Christine was hungry! She was so funny all day.

dance for the pretty lady.

get you sexy on…

Lots of candy at  Courtney & John’s wedding.

and alcohol 🙂

cute garter image from Shannon & Avram‘s wedding.

haha… whats happening here?

lots of funny things going on here..

Danaea & Mike‘s girls limbo. 

My man on the right was the coolest dude at Domenica & Tony‘s wedding. 

Edda & Mike enjoy each others company on the dance floor. 

The New York Players tear it up.


Sara & Joe cut the cake!

Mike tweets photos of his grooms cake!

Homegirl in the middle was bout to take anyone down who got in her way of catching the bouquet at Jessica & Brian‘s wedding.. Look at that stance! LOL.

The former NYS Gov has serious moves! 

everyone loves him!

Does this even need a caption? 

Gina had the best bridesmaids, all of them in full party mode all day.

good times.

Lindsay & Chris enjoy a moment to themselves (and Hayden) in the Elario Photo Booth at Saratoga National.

All the ladies love when Chris Barron of the New York Players is on the mic. 

Doughboys anyone?

insert Pee-wee Herman joke here: heh heh

she likes the cake!

Go grandma its you birthday!

This was the most entertaining guest of the 2012 wedding season.. 

she made it look easy.

Good laughs during a toast.

Melissa  trying to get me to dance. 

Another, Melissa…. 

I believe this fella went by the name “Ice”…


good times at Janelle and Dennis’ wedding..

Jennifer & Ryan getting down on the floor. 

I’m all up in your face!

I wonder what these two are having a conversation about?

A packed floor at Madeline & Chris‘ wedding. 

Flying high with my fisheye at Glen Sanders Mansion.

Again, Chris probably doing his best Jay-Z ..

Curtis looks like he’s about to have a dance off with Meghan

Shout is most likely playing here..

Matt was the life of the reception. no doubt.

It was like they were the only two out there. Probably dancing to call me maybe lol

Polina & Tony‘s reception was a blast!

dont hurt yourself now…


Nicky chops jumping the imaginary rope.

Stephanie & Rob‘s reception was one hell of a party!

and we’ll end with this one.. haha.

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