party time!

I know the off season’s been pretty quiet around here. No worries though, the weddings and engagement sessions pick right back up in April. That reminds me, if anyone wants to do an engagement session in April and May please holler at your boy asap because I’m booking up super quick right now. Anyway, fresh new content is coming your way next month. Until then, I have some fun stuff I didn’t share from last season.. We’ll start with the party time blog..

This post is all about the fun factor. Last year I blogged  42 weddings and a ton of images from all those weddings. These are some of those party shots that didn’t make the cut the first time around. It’s just because I’d rather save them all for now and share with you one big party from 2011! So lets get into it..


Well set it off with some air-guitar

these two crazy girls always manage to work it for me..

once the sunglasses come out, its on like donkey kong..

Good times at Isabel and Dave’s wedding..

Jamie schooling us on her dancing skillz


Amanda getting down at her wedding..

she had some moves that night!

this dance floor was so packed, my toes got crushed all night..

I wish I could remember what was so funny to Christine!

I love when a bride and groom dance all night, you should. It’s your party!

Ryan about to put it on Rachel..

we’ll slow it down a bit with a sweet capture from a father daughter dance at the plaza.

a nice moment from a first dance.

show off.

Jess and Jason had a jump off all night. Those Siena people know how to get down

Another wild party last October.

Greg getting his freak on at the country club.

I think this was that cupid shuffle song?

While outside Hurricane Irene was tearing up this area there was no doubt who tore it up at Laura and Trey’s wedding. p-p-p-poker face p-p-poker face.

the moves were like no others..

getting low.

Carely and Robert totally deserved to party their butts off, with the unexpected October snow and all 😉


Melissa had the mad moves on September 9th last year

This whole reception was crazy fun.

Marisa and Chris made my favorite entrance of the year. They had everyone on the floor when they entered.

Watch out, her sister has some skills too.

Mel and Chris.. 1 year anniversary is coming up guys!

working it..

The dance floor at national PACKED!

Did you think I’d leave this 2012 Elario groom out the mix? He seriously was dancing that fast.

This one was just crazy. Seriously one of the most off the chain wedding receptions of all time.

Everyone was just bugging…

The dance off sign was the best! Thats it.. 2012, bring your moves and hopefully we’ll see you on this blog next year!

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