The Purnomo’s Fall Family Photos

Look out friends the stylish Purnomo family is back on the blog today! I just love photographing these guys. Maybe it’s cause we’re all good friends or maybe its because their children are absolutely adorable. I know one thing for sure, I always come home with beautiful images. As always I’m honored to continuously capture this family. Thanks again for having me!


We’ll set off with as I like to call it the “Purnomo swag of the day” along side the pretty family.
Boy that Gemma sure looks like Dominick.
Halle, so freaking adorable.
So serious in the image on the right lol.
Loving this fall vibe!
pine needles = the most interesting thing ever.
Gemma saying “Why are you chasing me with this camera?”
Love these..
and I’ll end with my favorite!


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