Sarah & Ben’s Engagement Photos

I’m so happy to share Sarah and Ben’s engagement photos with you all today. This couple will make you smile as they’re just so darn cute. We racked our brains when trying to find a location to do their shoot. I think there were probably like 4-6 potential spots we talked about. We even changed the location day of! I couldn’t be happier though, it was perfect and I could have photographed these two anywhere as they’re both so easy to shoot. They smile a lot, Ben’s quite the joker which made it fun and to top it off they’re both clearly in love. Capturing this one was enjoyable and we’re looking forward to their October wedding in Lake George!! Sarah and Ben, thank you both for having me! See you guys soon, keep smiling and laughing until then.


Meet, Sarah and Ben!
Starting the shoot with some pretty light!!
a nice forehead kiss..
this one makes me smile..
Ben, probably cracking a joke here..
work it you two.
a nice little picnic..
I’d like to sip some champagne right about now..
outfit #2
and then the light made another appearance…
just hanging in the woods..
love this one..
we even shot on the beach!
another absolute favorite of mine..
so sweet.
and as always, I end with my token “bling shot”
and the turnaround!! haha!! see you two soon!!


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