Stacey + Matt = Blake

Super cute and adorable baby alert!!! I could not be happier for Stacey and Matt, I just love these two! You all remember them from their engagement session and wedding right?? Recently they welcomed little baby, Blake into the world. What a cute baby too! In this session we set it off at Blake’s, Great Great Grandma’s place for a 5 generation photo, this was a very special image and I’m glad I got to capture it. So without anymore jabber from me let’s see the pics!


Where we last left off with Stacey and Matt…  September 22, 2012…
5 generations right here… so special.
Matt’s Great Grandmother was adorable!
MAX!!!!! The second coolest dog I know 😉
little Blake!
love the vintage scale.
My favorite from the session..
isn’t he adorable?
little pumpkin..
happy parents..
congrats you two!!


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