stella is 1!

We all remember Stella right? Yes!! Something tells me she’s going to make a lot more appearances on my blog! Anyway today we’re sharing her 1 year photos. It’s funny because coincidentally I photographed her exactly a year to date from the newborn session. Just a random fact. Anyway this little cowgirl did a hell of a job on her 1 year photos! I just love photographing her. I can’t thank Jivon and Anthony for continuously asking me back to capture their lives. It really does mean a lot! So lets get into the images!


Every little girl should have a pony right?

She sat there long enough for me to capture this frame then flipped out and wanted down. Lol..

She’s so darn cute!

haha I LOVE this one.

Yes she too had the pumpkin hat like the baby I blogged yesterday. Don’t worry I rocked my pumpkin hat too!

Too cute.

My man Moe!!

This one makes me smile.

We”ll end with these.. See you soon Stella!!

next one

giovanni’s back!