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Whats up peeps? In this one we’ll be talking about the gown, but not the designer, cut or style. This one’s more about bride who worries less about a little bit of dust on her gown. I truly believe the gown should be *worn*. If you take it off at the end of the night and it looks the same as it did the morning you put it on then in my opinion you didn’t have fun. 😉 At the end of the day you’re probably not going to wear it again, right? I think us photographers get our best stuff when we have a relaxed bride who’s comfortable with her gown touching the ground a bit. Look, I’m not asking you all to roll around in the mud or do anything extreme that would destroy your dress. I would never do that! Really quick, while we’re on the whole “destroy the dress” thing can I admit I don’t like these trash the dress sessions? Obviously you don’t see me shooting or blogging them. They are silly.. Back to the topic though. Don’t let your dress own you! Have fun in your gown and know going into it you’re wearing something white. I promise if you trust me your photos will rock!

I received this email a few weeks ago from former Oct 2010 Elario Photography alum Kara. It was the inspiration behind this blog post.

Hey, hey!

So I wanted to pass along a funny story from this weekend which should hopefully put some of your future brides at ease. I finally dropped my wedding dress off to the dry cleaners a few weeks ago and picked it up this weekend. The dry cleaner was super nice and said “Your dress SO dirty, I had to clean it three times.” I had to laugh and then explain that wedding day was a monsoon! I took it out of the bag and it looks as good as new. The mud, the leaves, the pine needles (and the rum and cokes) were no where to be seen. Rest easy, brides! The dry cleaner works magic 🙂


So there you go! It sounds like Kara wore her dress. Straight from the brides mouth.


It was a rainy one for Kara & Mike.. later it cleared but it  never bothered them. I encourage you to check out their blog.

At this point the rain stopped. When I saw what the road looked like as a direct result from all the rain I was like how many times do you get an orangey floor to shoot on? So I asked Kara if she was cool with the bottom of her dress getting a little wet. Keep in mind the ceremony had not happened yet. I don’t think she thought twice. I truly believe this is because she trusted my vision. This images remains one of my top 5 favorites from 2010.

Lindsey & Ryan 2009. These guys weren’t afraid of dust or dirt. I know this car as clean as it was had a little road dirt on it. It’s all about trust..

Later on without me even asking they just laid right on on the grass! I was like this is too good to be true. Check out the awesome photos from one of my favorite 2009 weddings.

Kate and Alex.. Kate would say to me in the years/months leading up to the wedding, “how to you get all those brides on the ground in their gowns?” I simply responded “I think my clients just trust me like that.” I love my clients for that. You all rock!

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