tiffany & jonathan: canfield casino

I’m so happy to finally share this one with you guys. You know how I love Casino weddings! This was a great finale to our triple wedding weekend. Tiffany and Jonathan were just such a fun fun couple to spend the day with. Now I love to meet all my brides and grooms before their wedding but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. This was a case where we never had a chance to meet the couple. You would never be able to tell because we just all clicked from the second we entered that hotel room. Anyone who know’s Tiffany and Jonathan would agree with me that they’re just both super likable people.

When I woke up on Sunday October 24th and looked out the window I was bummed. I didn’t think it was suppose to be raining. I swore I checked the with the weather people and they lied! Once we arrived in Saratoga things started clearing a little. My first highlight of the day was meeting Tiffany. Her energy and excitement was just wonderful. I swear It could have been raining cats and dogs with tornado winds and it wouldn’t have phased her. By the time we needed to head out and take photos the rain was done! We headed to Congress Park and just got some wonderful stuff. Indoors there was this awesome Ketubah waiting to be signed. Surroundings Floral Studio had the ceremony space ready to go. The stage was set for what was to be an great ceremony! Their ceremony music was perfect and all the emotions you expect were there. Before you knew it this 10 year long relationship was finally official. Mazel tov! It’s time to celebrate! Once cocktails commenced in the beautiful ballroom waited The New York Players poised to tear the roof of this historic building. Tiffany and Jonathan’s caterer of choice was Mansion Catering and as always they rocked. This wedding reception had all the right ingredients which made it one hell of a celebration! Tiffany and Jonathan own and run the live music venue Putnam Den in Saratoga Springs so to say they know how to throw a party would be an understatement. Another awesome one in the books. Congrats to you both guys! I was glad to be a big part of your day and enjoyed watching you both live up every minute of it!


Also incase any of you missed it at the bottom of this post you’ll see a behind the scenes video from their big day!

The dress..

The shoes..

Jonathan and the fellas stopped by the room before heading out. This was as far as they got. Tiffany wanted to walk out and say hi but we had to shut her down.. It would only be like an hour later till their first look..

Her smiling never stopped..

A little veil fluff.

And here we have a bride!

Tiffany loving every second of her solo pics totally working the camera.

Every second she got to ham it up she did..

Meanwhile the fellas arrived right on schedule..

and it was time for the first look..

Love it!

It all seemed too easy at this wedding..

All these beautiful real moments just happened.. no setups here..

The color in these images drive me crazy (in a good way)

It’s so simple. Stand on a bench, shoot down on an awesome couple and come home with great images.

Moments like this are just fun and real.

There’s a reason I picked this for my facebook teaser.. its because I love it! So did Tiffany and Jonathan who immediately made it their profile pics so we can’t tell who’s who!

Love this one too.. 200 1.8L nothing but butter.

A couple more classic’s..

This has to be one of the most awesome Ketubah’s I’ve seen. It’s so their personality which is how they should be. I loved it.

Their reaction to the Rabbi making it official.. Don’t let them fool you, they totally are both into drama and preforming.

Now its time to walk down the aisle.

with a proud father.

The ceremony was full of stuff like this.. Wait till you see them all guys!

Mazle tov!

Mr & Mrs…

The most awesome ballroom on the planet (hey it’s just my opinion)

Decorated by Surroundings Floral Studio

Their first dance was off the hook…

seriously, they killed it..

and then he lifted her up! come on stop it now! this is just too good!

Their son Anthony delivering a great toast!

one of my favorite reception shots..

My spin on a classic shot Big Joe coined before I graduated high school…

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