video blog: first look

Why look here. What have we got? Thats right the premier of my first video blog. It’s a down time of year so my mind grapes got to work and I decided I needed to let you all know how important a first look is. I feel its so important that I had to do a video on it! This is obviously my first attempt at this whole video thing so take it easy on me. Anyway I figured since I have the resources to do this video thing I needed utilize them. It’s kinda like having an open bottle of wine, if I keep looking at it I’ll eventually have to finish it. Know what I mean? My minds constantly running and I’m always trying to think of ways to keep this blog interesting for all my faithful readers. So I plan to get on here and video blog as much as possible. If there’s a subject I feel strongly about I’ll probably set up the camera and run my mouth for a few minutes. If there’s something you guys want my take on the suggestion box is always open. I hope you all enjoy this 2 minute and change clip. There is always more on the way so keep watching.

By the way my good good friend Al Woodard shot this piece. He’s the man for real!


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