where my dogs at?

Thats right! Where my dogs at? This ones dedicated to our four legged friends. I just love when couples incorporate their dogs into shoots. Whether it be engagement session, portrait session or wedding all dogs are welcome. Just no cats, that would be weird. Haha! So this one’s for the pups!


We’ll set it off with, “Chicken” from Danaea and Mike’s engagement session.

After their wedding not only did they begin to grow more as a family but one more awesome pup was added. Little Ricki from their bump shoot

Although, Cruz wasn’t actually in Nicole & Nick’s wedding he was there routing them on for the getting ready portion of the day.

So precious..

We did a mini session last April and, Cruz came along 🙂

Gosh I dont remember this one’s name but what a beautiful dog!

Jessica and Tim included their handsome boy, Tonka in their e shoot.

 Jessica & Jeff brought along their German Shepard, Zach. 

The “Frenchie” is popular with a lot of my clients. Lucy, brought her A-Game on Erin and Tim’s engagement session! Love how she matches too!

They had to choice but to have her in the session. This image on the right was how Tim proposed to Erin. Glad they brought this to their shoot! Will she be in the wedding? (better say yes)

While outside shooting portraits at  Lindsay‘s wedding their family dog decided to join us 🙂

Chloe was a handfull at  Alex & Geoff’s enagagement session…. 

but that was because all she wanted to do was jump in the lake! Can’t blame her!

Polina and Tony’s dog,  Pullo met us at their first look.

 Carolyn & Dan had their boy, Hunter stop by after their first look too! Love the bow tie!

Who could forget Winston? This handsome little devil stole the show at Tiffany and George’s engagement session.. 

and again at their  wedding

My girl, Lexie who sits in the window of my office.. Love her.

Ruby! aka Boots!! What a gorgeous pup!

she was at Elisabeth and Johns  engagement session

and so was this chicken!

Ruby (see the “Boots”?) on the right with her distant cousin Uli on the left.

one more of Ruby who’s a little bored with me and my photo session.

Again who could forget, Josie from Jamie & Josh’s wedding. She just plopped right on Jamie’s gown.

Oh and lets not leave out Zoey..

While Josie and Zoey couldn’t attend  Jessica & Clinton’s wedding they were there in spirit (or cardboard)

Guarding the shoes at Kacie & Kevin’s wedding.

also made a cameo at their first look!

Big Joe’s “girls” Ella (sitting) and queen bee, Savannah..

and one more of my girl, Lexie because its my blog 😉

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