wppi 2012 + a fun little video

In less than a week Las Vegas will become swarmed with an abundance of creative, talented and hungry for information photographers. Thats right WPPI 2012 is coming! I love this convention, its really the BEST of them all. Besides who wouldn’t want to go to Vegas?

You might remember I spoke last year at WPPI. Well, I guess they liked me and asked me to speak again this year! I could not be more flattered. I love educating people and sharing info. I’d be honored if you peeps attending would come to my Platform Class on Wednesday February 22 at 2:30pm. I’ll be giving out tons of info and sharing whats worked for us, how I use social media and of course a “how to” on my photo booth! I’d love to thank Miller’s Lab, Mpix Pro, drop it MODERN, Zenfolio and Triple Scoop Music for sponsoring my program. You can expect giveaways from them all at the end of my program along with a few others I’m sure. I mean, you could win a Spangled backdrop! That right there is worth listening to me! 😉 Oh and be sure to pre board using WPPI’s little pre board system.

Aside from my BIG talk I’ll be also doing some mini versions of it at a couple locations. I’ll also be hanging at the Miller’s Lab + Mpix pro booths as well as drop it MODERN if you wanna stop by and say wassup!

Monday: Feb 20

1:00pm – chilling with my friends at drop it MODERN
2:00pm – Zenfolio Booth Presentation – come here how I use Zenfolio!

Tuesday: Feb 21

10:30am – Millers Lab + Mpix Pro Booth Presentation – this will be a super mini version of my platform. I’ll be giving away a couple things too!
11:30am – hanging again at the drop it MODERN booth.

Wednesday: Feb 22

2:30pm – The BIG Platform Class!

Also I wanted to share this little video of Amanda & Shane’s experience with us.. Thanks to my boy Jason Valentine for shooting and editing this!

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