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2013, the year of the rain..

My goodness did it rain a lot last wedding season. Like a lot. Like it rained more often than I can ever remember from my years of shooting weddings. Why not share a post of how we handled our rain for this year?

When it comes to wedding day so many things are timed, planned, reserved and thought out but there is ALWAYS a wild card and that is the weather. Weather is always a factor we cannot control no matter what. We’re fortunate to work with a lot of great couples who take the days Mother Nature gives them and go with the flow. We deal with some of the hottest days ever to get all dressed up for. We deal with wind, which is not very nice to a fresh up do. But I have to say the 2013 wedding season was one of the most difficult when it came to rain. Of all the weddings we shot last year, rain made an appearance at 15 of them. Not all 15 times did the rain really hurt us but I was counting and kept tally of this number just for this blog post! So without further ado, lets see how we faired with the rain..


At ‘s wedding I intentionally took them out for the rain shot. This was back in April when shooting in the rain was cool and fun..
a result from that.. I especially love when the ground is wet..

At Tanya & Chuck‘s wedding it rained on and off. This again gave that great wet ground look..

The day it never stopped raining at Sara & Eddie‘s wedding.. absolutely amazing stuff in the rain.
This bridal party image was staged inside and we told them all when we run outside get in this exact position and we’ll shoot.. it was raining and we intentionally didn’t want umbrellas in this bridal party shot. The whole thing took about 1-2 minutes to shoot..
You get creative when it rains and luckily this amazing spot had a little covering so with a little help from Christine Wheat we tucked them in there and….
was able to produce this image.
one thing about the rain is how vibrant the greens can get…
The image in the top left is the creation of one of my favorite images of all time..
Ok enough rain!
Kat & Dan were in town over the Memorial Day weekend and this was the ONLY day we all coordinated on, so we went for a rain themed engagement session..
the clear umbrellas are great as they let in a lot of light!

At Alex & Geoff‘s June wedding the rain was on its way to us while shooting bridal portraits.
then we dipped under a porch to stay dry..
and I kept shooting..

We knew there was a chance of rain at Julie & Jimmy‘s e shoot so they came prepared..

At Erin & Tim‘s wedding Katie O’ and her team were absolute saviors…
when it was raining sideways and I had a crazy idea, they helped execute it.
the aftermath.
at one point it stopped raining for like 10 minutes but the wind was outrageous and not hair friendly.

Sun and rain at Julia & Jon‘s wedding..
The sun..
20 minutes later..
Julie & Kevin‘s day began with rain..thankfully a good bridesmaid will keep your gown dry.
then later on it stopped raining so we could make magic.
the result.

It rained at Cristine & Kevin‘s wedding only while we commuted from the church to reception, which gave us a little rainbow.

As I was creating this image at Alaina & Jared‘s wedding…  its started to rain.. thankfully Katie O’ and Kelly were prepared with umbrellas in hand. Love me a wedding planner!

Christine Wheat making sure Rita stayed dry for these lake photos..
so pretty..
the bride gets two umbrellas.. thats a silk gown, yo!

At Meredith & Nick‘s wedding rain was a threat all day! In fact seconds after I captured this it poured for the first time that day and never stopped… Thankfully the timing was right for this rain..

Even when there is a ZERO chance of rain it rained… right before Sarah & Mike‘s first look we had to reconfigure the whole thing to avoid raindrops.

Late October engagement shoot with Kimberly, Scott and rain.

At Rhiannon & Vinny‘s wedding I never thought we’d have a chance to be “umbrellaless” outside.. thanks to an app called “dark sky” that Cheryl from CASL had on her phone we knew we had like 50 minutes of no rain.. So what do I do? Run with it..
and captured some beautiful images..

Last rain of the wedding season for us was at Heather & Corey‘s wedding.. It only lasted like 10 minutes and thankfully Norah of Katie O’ Weddings and Events busted out her Siena College umbrella to keep these newlyweds dry!  Lets hope 2014 brings less umbrellas and more sunshine, my stress level needs a break 😉



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