677 Prime

I’ve been sitting on this blog for months knowing I would have some downtime in July and thought I’d save it for then. We actually shot these images way back in April. Mazzone Hospitality approached us back in the winter with a need for food and atmosphere images of their restaurant “Angelo’s 677 Prime” in downtown Albany. This was my first stab at food and restaurant photography and I am very pleased with the outcome. By then end of this blog you’ll probably want to eat and if you call and make a reservation tell em JP sent you 😉 Below is a small sampling of what we shot that day so without any further ado lets get into this one..


A typical scene outside, high end wheels for high end diners.
Although I didn’t eat this it did photograph beautifully and I’m sure was scrumptious.
and the menus light up.
Big Joe was in charge of all the live kitchen and cooking scenes. I think he might have picked up a thing or two from the chefs..
The bar scene..
Anyone who know’s me know’s I have a love for french onion soup so this was a fun photo for me. I’m still a 4×4 guy though.
steaks on steaks on steaks.
if you’re at the receiving end of this tray you’re a lucky person.
The classic 677 chop salad.
I love these b&w kitchen photos!
another classic, the surf and turf rolls.. and the chilled lobster was legit.
busy, busy..
yes please
Chef/GM OF 677, Jamie Ortiz with executive chef, Ken Kehn in the foreground..
eggs and bacon.
one of my favorite images I shot that day was the lineup of illuminated cocktails.
More wine?


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