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a baby post

Hello everyone. Guess what? We are now photographing babies & children. Now that our studio has been finished since July we have reunited with some of our brides & grooms from the past to get together for some baby photos. Of course its always the Elario brand with our photography so we are trying to stay away from the cliche mall locations/style.

Your looking at three babies here. The peanut is Andrew 4 weeks in his debut here at our studio, his parnets Liz & Jason married this past April BLOG HERE. Brooke is next, Brooke’s 6 months, her parents Kelly & Kurt got married October of 2004 GALLERY HERE. Last but not least is William, William is 7 months, his parents Nicole & Jeff also got married October of 2004 GALLERY HERE.

If your interested, you know who to contact. Otherwise enjoy the photos of our latest venture.

Peace –

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