a beautiful family

Last week I had the honor to hook up and photograph one of our all time favorite couples with their young and good looking children. Sara and Ross got married way back in 2004 when at the time the song “Lean Back” by Fat Joe was at the top of the charts. I’ll never forget this moment at their wedding which was at Wolferts Roost. The DJ had a packed dance floor and all you hear is Lil John go “Stop! It’s the remix, What!” Then boom, the party went from level 10 to 20. I know Al’s gotta have this video clip somewhere, shoot even he leaned back. Anyway it was just one of those moments at a wedding that sticks with you forever. Cut to late 2006 or early 2007 and along came their daughter Selma who when she had no or very little hair looked just like Ross. Now Selma is growing up and as I sifted through these images could see more and more of Sara in her. Not to worry Ross got his clone back, 11 months ago the lil man Rowan was born and Selma, Sara & Ross had a new bundle of joy in their world. So finally we all were able to get together and make some nice images. What a good looking family too! I just had a great time photographing them all. To those of you who may or may not know Ross, he’s just one hell of a guy and quite the baller, and Sara aside from being a great person all around is just so beautiful and photogenic. It makes me smile after almost 6 years to see who I call the “Jay-Z & Beyonce of Albany” 😉 still “Crazy in Love”. After all they did enter their reception to that song (and so did we). How do I remember this stuff? On with the post!


September 4, 2004… the beginning.

Still looking great 6 years later despite the windy evening we had.

One of my fav’s from the session. I love a classic b&w.

Little Miss Selma, she know’s how to pose.

I love the mini RL shirt. This kids got style and thats no surprise.

The color is just sick in this image.

Uh oh. Look at that pose. She’s so pretty.

Fact: Sara & Ross always have a nice timepiece on.

I singlehandedly blame Ross for my Panerai obsession that started in 2006. If it wasn’t for him showing me that watch I’d have a few more dollars in my pocket. Watch out Ross, looks like Rowan wants it.

Did you know that Rowan made the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can?

Selma is just so pretty and photogenic. Can you stand it?

Sara & Ross, thanks so much. Your family is gorgeous! Great seeing you……..

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