a fall family shoot with jackson, mom & dad

Better late than never right? So I’ve been meaning blog these images for a few weeks now. This shoot features the handsome little devil Jackson, Megan & Matt. We shot this at an apple orchard which is just a great spot for photographing children. Just don’t step or sit in rotten pumpkin because it stinks! I just love these images. The color is classic October. The weather was a bit chilly but my man Jackson was a true champ and one of the most well behaved children I’ve ever photographed. All and all another great family session.

Enjoy, leave love,

I’ll set  it off with my favorite shot of the three of them from the whole shoot. I just love this in b&w.

Some solo’s with Mom & Dad.

Great looking family…

Love these two.

Ok so the green paint and barn gave away the location right?

Sorry folks, Jackson does not come with the apples… my fav shot of him. That hat is awesome.

I’ll end with this just because.

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