a lia 2012 production

For the past 6 years I’ve been shooting the annual Lia Christmas card. Its quite a production for us. Every year it gets a little more difficult than the last. The family grows, the kids have more things to do and lets face it, we want to outdo what we did the previous year! For me, always one of the biggest challenges is fitting all 15 kids in one scene and making sure their faces are easy to see. This is aways important to Mrs Lia. Plus, have you ever tried scheduling something with 17 people? Try doing that and then add the fact that all of the kids are in extra curricular activities, sports, dancing, cheerleading etc..  Plus we always shoot this in December and its a Christmas card so there is never enough time! No matter what though, we always get it done and I’m always more than thrilled with the outcome. I must give many props to Jenny for designing this “Spectacular” card and Jamie for helping cut out the 20+ bodies to fit into our scenes. The time that went into the planning, shooting, editing, designing and printing of this card was well over 20 hours. Just so you know how fast we turned it around, I shot this on Wednesday night last week, by Saturday the design was approved and on Monday Jenny hand delivered over 150 to the Lia’s home.  The best part is the delivery would never have been possible without Millers Lab. If you’re a photographer you know that no one turns over product like, Millers!

I’d like to thank the family for trusting me the last 6 years with this card. I know its very much your baby and we’re honored to always be the ones to produce it! Merry Christmas!


Here’s a shot of the front and back (left) and the inside (right)

And here’s a digital version of what the front looked like

the inside spread..

and the back of the card..

next one

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