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I swear I’m alive! So sorry for my lack of posting. Thankfully the holiday rush is quieting down so I can get back to what I love which is blogging. We do however have two weddings left for 2009 and we set off the first two days of the year off with weddings too! So thats what 4 new wedding posts within the next 2 weeks? Not to mention the best of posts are coming back along with something very cool! But this post here is wedding free. This is a little compilation of some of the stuff I’ve shot and hand not blogged. Also there is some holiday stuff I’ve been shooting recently too! Can’t stop, wont stop….

Happy Holidays! Enjoy, leave love,

Over the summer we shot a surprise family portrait and here is the image! The roses were perfect!

Some kid’s just love turning 1… William made a nice mess of my white seamless but whatever it was worth it!

Sofie just cracks me up. In the image on the right she’s like “I’m not feeling this photo session.”

I’ve been photographing these kids for the last 5 or 6 years… It’s fun to watch them grow. The little one Carissa has not really warmed up to me yet!

Ava & Vincent are total hams though.

Carissa is telling me she’s done with me here. Thats ok Carissa little do you know I’ll be seeing you for a Christmas shot.

Just give her candy and she smiles! I especially like Vincent here, he’s a true player.

Speaking of pretty sweet Christmas photos…

You remember that one shot I do every year with all the kids right? Well all we needed was a snow day to coordinate 14 schedules.

Their Mothers like to sing while I shoot!

Look at this little lady I photographed like two weeks ago. She’s so cute!

Here is Grace the 4 month old daughter of a former b&g of ours.

I especially love this b&w of baby Adam.

Just today I photographed Miss Grace for a Christmas card! This is totally a Gap ad.

My favorite image from the shoot.

Did you think I’d leave out our baby Lexie? Yes thats right, she gets a Christmas photo too!

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