What if I were to tell you that I had an engagement session somewhere other then Albany, Saratoga and Lake George? Is that something you might be interested in? Pardon my nod to Entourage, so sad its coming to an end. Anyway.. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Boston? There are so many things I love about this city. The food, the culture, the history, Sam Adams beer and the shopping are some things I love. However, there is one thing I’m just not that crazy about. You guessed it, The Red Sox. While this engagement session didn’t take place in Fenway Park, the Back Bay or just around town ending on Acorn St it happened in one of my favorite places, The North End. Back in February Danaea and Mike sat in my office and told us about how they live in the North End and have this great roof deck. At that point this engagement session was conceived. Cut to last week, I was in Boston hosting the WPPI Road Trip so I reached out to Danaea and we set this thing up. I must say I’m quite happy with this one. I love everything about it. As if the awesome session wasn’t enough Danaea and Mike treated myself and Kris Ann(their florist ;) to an authentic North End Italian dinner at Vinoteca di Monica on Richmond St, their favorite restaurant. What a great way to end a great day! I can’t wait to work with these two again in January! They promised me they’d come out in the snow!! Guys, thank you for having be do this session, thank you for choosing us for your big day and thank you for the dinner!! I can’t wait for your big day!

ps.. I’m off to Boston again today for a the Yankee game and another engagement session!


Before I got into their apartment I had to get past Ryan aka Ry Guy aka Chicken. He’s a sweet little dude and is actually named after Mikes friend Ryan who is the shortest (my height) out of all his friends, too funny.

Danaea don’t play, rocking some Louboutin’s for outfit #1.

We set it off on the freedom trail in Paul Revere Mall, it’s like a one minute walk from their place.

Probably one of the most photographed landmarks in Boston. Due to the light I choose the horses best side 😉

Nothing wrong with a fountain shot…

After a little cash bribery I got him to play them a song.. This is one of my favorites from the first set.

Another one…

Isn’t Boston awesome?

Like I said, I’d rather the red soles than red sox 😉

The North End is full of these awesome little alleys or entrances, I love the light and the texture.

They’re Boston celebs.. I was shooting this and some guy then knew stopped by to outdo me with his cellphone camera. 😉

I finally found some light..

I like this one..

They nailed the Elario Configuration, I asked if they practiced.

Another one..

and one more because its my blog and I said so!

Oh hey there fancy pants.

I’m crazy about the light.. I love shooting into it.

I also will play by the rules and use the light the way we were taught in photo school 😉

This is where I tell you how awesome the choice of blue was. I’m loving all the colorful dresses in these engagement sessions. It’s like she knew we were heading to the harbor..

Heads were turning on Atlantic Ave..

My facebook teaser image which I happen to love! (someone messaged me and said the Boston harbor never looked so good)

Oh come on!

Someone was happy we were home.. I asked him to pose for me but he had to stretch first.. CHICKEN!!

Oh he’s all cool with the paw up, doing the “look away”

On their rooftop deck. Pretty awesome views of Boston huh?

I could get used to hanging out up here.

Danaea, you are too easy to photograph.

One more with their son…

Not a bad sky that night huh?

And the official token “bling shot” North End style..

Oh and this one too! Thanks again guys! See ya soon!!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful photos that I’m sure will be priceless for Mike and Danaea. Cherish these moments.

  2. Wow! Amazing!! Loveall the images! The dog is so adorable.. you can see the love they have for one another its wonderfull I wish them the best!! Congrats ! 🙂

  3. Absolutely beautiful shots. Maybe someday I can take some like that and iLife the shot into the sun, they are beautiful.

  4. Fantastic pictures, beautiful couple, in the best city ….one small suggestion Paul Revere would look better with a Bruins jersey on

  5. Wishing your a wonderful engagement and marriage, by the looks of this pictures that will be easy.

  6. Just stumbled to your blog through twitter. Saw the pics and had to comment! The lighting is beautiful. Lovely couple in lovely light. What’s not to love! Great work!

  7. Just wanted to say that your shoot came out so awesome and completely fits the two of you! I didn’t know you guys were models too 🙂 Thank you both so much for dinner, JP and I may just have to come back to Boston to have dinner. Congrats to you both!

  8. Thank You Joe for these exceptionally beautiful pictures of my very special Niece and Nephew to be!!!! I have never seen Danaea Marie look so beautiful and happy . You certainly captured the love between them!!! I can not wait till the wedding and I so hope it snows for even more outstanding photos. Looking forward to meeting you in Saratoga in January!!!!! Thank You, Aunt Gina

  9. OMG!!!! What a beautiful couple!!! Naya, you look wonderful. Mike, you did great. JP what wonders with the camera. These pics are truly a work of art. You two make a terrific couple!!! So glad Mike you are in the family. Can’t wait til January!!! Great job…

  10. Oh My Goodness……..Would I be biased to say that I love love love this session? The photos, the lighting, the background, colors and especially your subjects are totally amazing. Is it ok also to say that as mother of the bride to be…..I shed some tears? I love every single photo and you even captured Chicken at his best :>) This post is totally awesome and I cannot wait to see the wedding photos. Again, the most amazing photography.

  11. Yes Yes . . There is more to the N.End that just the Italian Mass at St. Leonard’s – Mikes Pastries , Cafe Victoria , & Regina’s Pizza . . . “Danaea & Mike ” thanks for choosing “Elario Photo,Inc.” .

  12. What an awesome experience looking at this package…..you totally captureed the essence of my niece….her beauty, her kick-ass grin, her many loves….. Boston, her home w/ the rooftop, her street, shoes, Chicken, but most of all……MIKE……have you ever seen two people soo much in love?? thank you….what a wonderful job and the entire family looks forward to January, knowing what a fabulous job ou will do….aunt TT

  13. D, you look amazing!! You and Mike make the cutest couple. JP- I love all the locations you picked! Great work!

  14. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Chicky tried to steal the show but couldn’t, Naya you look gorgeous!!! JP your work is just amazing, can’t wait to see more at the wedding!

  15. Fabulous shoes, a super cute dog, fantastic pics and, most importantly, an awesome location. Love these! More Boston shoots, please!

  16. These pics came out AMAZING!! Thanks again, JP for another unbelievable job! You never cease to impress.

  17. I am absolutely beyond emotion right now after looking at these pictures. You’ve done such an amazing job capturing who Naya and Mike are. A Beautiful couple, captured in some amazing settings. Thank you for making these moments last forever!

  18. gorgeous photos and couple! wow!! I love the one w/ the fountain! Per usual…good work JP!!! ps. 3 weeks to go !! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I. Love. Boston. Well I lived there for nearly 6 years!!! And, I love the red soles and the Red Sox (Sorry JP) 🙂 Just saying.
    These are such great shots. What awesome weather and light. I was getting all reminiscent looking at these. Love the choice of outfits and shoes. Love the setting. LOVE the setting. Danaea, your eyes are like that same color of warm honey brown – so pretty. You and Mike photograph very well together.

    Love the pics of them dancing, and all the textures within this shot. Boston is so good like that with the cobblestone, a little old school for you. I especially love the “at home” shots. Sunset on the roof – yes please! And the dog posing is awesome. THink the dog practiced too? Mayyyybe. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see these in January, guys!!! Yea Boston!!!! 🙂
    JP, liking the cameos 😀

  20. Ahhhhh I LOVE THEM! So glad little Chicken made the cut as well. What a STUD! Literally, with every single post of every wedding & engagement shoot you put up, I get more and more excited for my day! So you can imagine how I’m feeling now looking at pics of US! Thank you so so so much. Cannot wait for January 14th 🙂 🙂 🙂

  21. Wow! I love these photos (and the Loubs)!!! When I was scrolling through the pictures, I couldn’t help but think that Danaea has a Kate Middleton-ish look in her face. These really are beautiful photos, and they capture Boston in such an amazing way.