I’m back! I took a little hiatus to Vegas for a few days. I call this my halfway thru the season chill time. But before I left, we had the honor of capturing some ridiculously awesome images. On August 7. 2010 Kate and Alex AKA Barbie and Ken tied the knot. I don’t like to think of Kate and Alex as clients, our professional relationship started back in June of 2008 when I caught this newly engaged couple peeking in on a wedding we shot in Lake George. Alex asked for our card and I’m so glad he did…

Before I get to 8/7/10 I have to make sure you know who these guys are. Remember back in June of 2010 I posted this blog? I like to think that this was a blog/shoot that made me famous. Every now and then I get an opportunity  to shoot in a unbelievable location. To this day I continue to thank Kate and Alex for getting this Yankee fan into a vacant Fenway Park for what was one of my favorite shoots of all time. From this blog post on Kate & Alex were known as “The Fenway Park Couple”. I’d hear from random people they saw The Fenway Park Couple out to dinner or at the mall. I just laughed and smiled. If you haven’t seen these images yet I urge you to look at their engagement session.

Now its August 7, 2010 and Big Joe was elected to drive. He picked me up and we headed up to North Lake George also known as Ticonderoga, NY. Can you believe my father made me listen to the Elvis channel almost the whole way up? It was non-stop Elvis, all Elvis. I got to hear little snippet stories about these nuts who visit Graceland sandwiched in between more Elvis songs. It was painful. Thats what I get for not driving. Not to worry, this didn’t throw off my groove. Sorry, I had to share that with you! Anyway we arrived at Kate’s friends house where all the girls were getting ready. Already ahead of us were ladies from CASL Productions shooting the motion for the day. Kate was upstairs getting her finishing touches by Kaitlin from Chanel (leave your info in the comment box I lost your card). After Kate got dressed we headed out to the lake for some pre-cermony portraits. Before I knew it we were at the church to meet up with Alex. Only Alex wasn’t there, no he didn’t have cold feet. He had clumsy fingers and the hand tied bow ties got the best of him and his groomsmen. Sorry Alex, I had to mention it 😉 Anyway Alex and his boys eventually showed up bow ties all tied and looking good. Like I do with all grooms, I asked Alex if he was nervous he said not really. You can all be the judge’s on that when you see the b&w of him just before Kate and her father walked down the aisle. After their ceremony Alex’s pal George had his awesome boat waiting for us. Kate and Alex spend pretty much all their free time on Lake George so it was only right they incorporated a boat ride on their wedding day. After the boat ride and some fun images on the lake I headed into the Shelving Rock room to begin photographing the awesome details my talented wife Kris Ann of Fleurtacious Designs was responsible for. Then DJ Paul Malo was introducing Mr & Mrs Shmulsky into the party. After the toasts the light got good and we snuck out for my favorite images of the day. I have nothing but love for Kate & Alex, you guys are both awesome people and I’m so happy we all happened to be in the right place at the right time. Congrats and here’s your blog! As former groom Bob would say you’ve been “Elariod”….


Finding these painted adirondack chairs was like a gift from god.

Getting ready…

While Kate was getting ready Alex had Kate’s sister Sara give her an awesome gift. More bling that matches her ring.

The rings..

The beautiful bride..

heading down to the lake.

Isn’t she stunning?

Oh hey ladies!

Kate was a bride that needed no direction, she studies the pages of this blog and knows what to do.

Oh hey Alex, glad you decided to show up 😉

Looking all cool in his Ray Ban Wayfarer’s…

Guys take notes.. Alex rocking a PURCHASED tuxedo from Hugo Boss that was custom fitted. Finishing off the tux with a hand tied bow tie, a look that will never look dated. Also as a watch nut I’d be crazy if I didn’t mention Kate’s gift to Alex. A Rolex, the stainless steel GMT is a classic and timeless piece, nice job Kate.

Big Joe’s “just before” shot keeps getting better and better.

All grooms do this Alex just got caught on camera 😉

Here she comes..

What a great church to shoot in. Plenty of light.

Mr & Mrs..

Love this one.

Classic and timeless..

Sup playa’s?

I’m on a boat!

Kate & Alex are big boat people, they spend almost all their free time on the lake.

How awesome is this? I love everything about it.

A picture perfect lake george kind of day..

What we looked like from land. No worries George claims to have had enough lifejackets.

A quick twirl then off to cocktails. Also one of my favorites from this part of the day.

The Sagamore’s Shelving Rock room by Fleurtacious Designs.

Fun little candy bar!

As DJ Paul Malo was getting ready to introduce them they had this fun real moment. Can’t stage this stuff.

First dance…

Back outside into that good light.

An Elario original.

Kate would ask me how I always get my brides on the ground in their gowns. I think its a trust thing.

My facebook teaser and still one of my favs from lay on the ground series.

Before I could get Kate into that Elario pose she did it. She’s a blog stalker. Seriously how handsome are these two?

Oh goodness. I love it.. wall print!

All brides should look this happy..

Nothing like a classic bride and groom shot in some good light.

Another fav.

Oh yeah this one too…. I love me a good silhouette with some fun color.

and I’ll end with some blue light. Kate & Alex, you both are awesome. Congrats again!

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  1. Your photographs are GORGEOUS….I absolutely love them, I have seen many great wedding photography but nothing like this. Absolutely amazing!!!! I love the sagamore and hope to have my wedding there. I’m not engaged yet lol but I am writing your name down!

  2. What incredible photography, I think I want copies of them all!!! If it was at all possible, you have made my handsome nephew and my gorgeous new neice more beautiful than could ever be anticipated. Thank you for such a wonderful job you have done for such a wonderful occassion!

  3. Your pictures are gorgeous!!! Kate, I loveeeee your dress and was wondering the designer. It’s amazing & so elegant!!! I’ve been looking for a dress exactly like that!! Thank you & congrats 🙂

  4. Love these shots! The just before shot is great, and the one of his face in the church… priceless. Love love the boat shot with the american flag in the background nice touch! Great looking couple… congrats you guys!

  5. Could this couple be any more perfect? LOVE this post – Amazing job yet again by the Elarios!

  6. As always, tremendous, first rate work, but I think the stuff on the boat is completely off the hook! Kudos!!

  7. Joe & JP,

    I have never seen a more beautiful bride (nor will I EVER).

    I cannot thank you enough.

    As the day went on I remember thinking “this is all moving so fast.” But I didn’t worry because I knew you guys would capture every moment, and boy did you!

    My favorites are the Boat shots. Kate and I were having such a fun time! That was an amazing party and I’m glad it showed in the pictures.

    And to defend myself, I was making a fashionably late appearance

  8. Joe & JP,

    I have never seen a more beautiful bride (nor will I EVER).

    I cannot thank you enough.

    As the day went on I remember thinking “this is all moving so fast.” But I didn’t worry because I knew you guys would capture every moment, and boy did you!

    My favorites are the Boat shots. Kate and I were having such a fun time! That was an amazing party and I’m glad it showed in the pictures.

    And to defend myself, I was making a fashionably late appearance.


  9. Ok, so I am new to commenting, but not new to blogstalking. These pictures are absolutely PHENOMENAL. Bride and groom look fantastic, great location, and the pictures on the water are absolutely stunning. Beautiful… Yet another “WOW” post. Congratulations to the bride and groom!! Who doesn’t love a Fenway couple? 🙂

  10. WOW! How can anyone top this one?? Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple!! I love love love the “heading down to the lake” photo. And, of course, all the lake/boat pictures are amazing. Oh, and the ones at the end with the blue light! 🙂 The b/w “elario original” in front of the sagamore is also breathtaking. Great job, as always, and congrats to the kate and alex! 🙂

  11. kristen, alex’s tuxedo was purchase from hugo boss… all grooms should buy their tuxes and have them fitted correctly. i feel very strongly about this!

  12. Your pictures are amazing! Where did Alex get that tux- it’s soo much nicer then all the others!

  13. Awesome work guys. Really dig the shot of Kate descending the stairway and the shot of Alex peaking out of the church with the priest just chillin. Congrats to the beautiful couple!

  14. JP, you are the color king! Great shots, great colors. Kate and Alex congratulations. Great tux! And how awesome is that candy bar. Fleurtacious rocks!

  15. Amazing! Big Joe & JP – you did it again. Love them all. But really, how could you go wrong with this couple and that day. Kate & Alex – these photos are incredible as are the two of you. We had such a great time – thanks for letting us be a part of your day!

  16. Who is picking the shot to send to Town and Country?..These images would make a nice addition to their wedding issue or any of their monthly Wedding scenes..Fantastic!, Stunning and simply Exquisite!!.Congrats Kate and Alex..Alex, you genuinely look like the luckiest man alive …A very happy couple.Wishing you both all the best!

  17. Ok so i cant stop looking at these pictures. i have to say the “Kate must be a blog stalker bc she knew to do this all on her own” picture is BY FAR my Faveorite! Amazing!

  18. Wow!! Thank you so much!! I love Alex’s deep breathing before the ceremony haha. You rock!!

  19. Beautiful work once again guys. and Kris Ann the “Fleurs” were stunning! I met Kate about two or three years ago at CHANEL and we’ve been talking about her makeup for her wedding since before Alex even proposed! So this was by far one of my favorite brides of all time. Kate and Alex…. or Barbie and Ken… I am so happy for you both! Congratulations!

  20. What a gorgeous couple. The pictures are AMAZING. I don’t think I can pick a favorite.

  21. I think the Fenway park engagement shoot is right around the time I started following your blog. Maybe it did make you famous! Yeah, like me reading your blog means you’re famous, haha.

    Anyway, I love 7th picture from the bottom (right before the last b&w). Your ring shots are always incredible. I need to get married again so I can be “Elariod”!

  22. I can’t pick a favorite – love them all. Such a beautiful couple & so many beautiful photos!

  23. THESE PICS ARE GORGEOUSSSSSS-love every single one!! Congrats again Kate & Alex on a beautiful wedding-you guys look amazing <3 .

  24. Seriously guys??? Seriously??? These shots are great. I have to say while every image is amazing, my favorites are on the boat. So amazing, so unique, so different. I’m glad I saw how it looked (damn that was huge), for a minute there I was thought you were in real peril there as it was speeding away on the lake! 🙂

    Those are phenomenal.

    I also love the one of them walking down the aisle as Mr and Mrs for the first time. They look psyched, as well they should!
    And let’s just get this out there – Kate, Alex – you two are so beautiful! You guys look very good together and complement each other so well. Kate – beautiful dress!!! Beautiful BRIDE! 🙂 Alex – I’m with you, every guy should own their tux. 🙂
    Your wedding party – the blue is great. Matches with the water – adds to the little theme there. Really, I don’t know what to say. Every pic is great. Love the overhead of them walking down the aisle too – could be a little magazine ad. 🙂 Can I choose each one as my favorite?

    Now, i’m not biased just because I am a red sox fan. Because I AM a Red Sox fan (Sorry Big Joe and JP, and I know you love me in spite of that). These are simply beautiful. I love how you guys are grinning ear to ear pretty much the whole time. I am sure your wedding day was every bit as wonderful as these pictures show it to be. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I could not wait for these images 🙂

    Ps – nice work on the placesettings with the names there. Very nice! 🙂

  25. wow! these are SO good! kate & alex – you are such a great looking couple – congrats! all of these are amazing but my favorites are: the one of kate “going down to the lake,” big joe’s top shot on the way out, ok ok and ALL of the boat ones!

  26. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing yet again! What a beautiful couple!!!!! Congrats guys!