a very saratoga engagement session with melissa & andrew

Thats right people. You don’t get more Saratoga than this one! What I love about this one is it’s an engagement session with a purpose. Melissa and Andrew actually got engaged at Saratoga Race Course. So instead of just shooting somewhere just to shoot there this one had a purpose. When planning an engagement session I always ask my couples where they want to shoot? Most of the time they have a location in mind. Sometimes I have to choose one which is fine too because I know a lot of different spots. With out hesitation Melissa and Andrew were like where else but “the track”? Just so you know, I’ve been shooting sessions at the track since 2003. I will only shoot there if there is some connection with the couple and the track since this is a special place. Anyway, for those who aren’t local or familiar with Saratoga Race Course it opened on August 3, 1863, and is the oldest organized sporting venue of any kind in the United States (thanks wikipedia). It’s also locally referred to as “the track”. So we shot at the track for most of the shoot and ended with a few casual shots in downtown Saratoga Springs. I just love these images! Melissa and Andrew are totally easy to photograph, I had a blast with them. They are also getting married next September at my favorite place in all of Saratoga. Can you guess where? Anyway, I’ll stop talking now and share some sweet images with you all. Happy Turkey Day people!


Meet Melissa & Andrew…

We set things off at one of the entrances since it’s only appropriate.

The track is only open for like 6 weeks in the summer.. The rest of the year it pretty much looks like this. We had the whole place to ourselves..

I love the classic red and white. It’s everywhere. BTW.. how about this couple? I’m like 10 minutes into the shoot and they’re totally at ease with me.. 

I love this one..

At the starting gates.. This the point of the blog where I say “and they’re off!”

So many people have stood in this spot watching so many famous horses either make them happy or mad.

The infamous seats..

The nine? Duh, it’s their date! Loving this shot btw..

I really like shooting with these chairs. So I worked this area for a bit..

I love this one too! Too many to love in this session..

Oh hey now she’s pulling him in.

I love the attitude.

A good old forehead kiss.

Ok once more in these chairs..

On the main track.. this was fun!

love. this. shot…. we were shooting right on the finish line.

A nice little configuration in b&w with sweet backlight.

another fav of mine. did I mention it was freezing out? Melissa was a trooper.

A photo finish.. right on the finish line. They’re winners..

One all the way on the top where the races are called.. Oh yeah this is also where Andrew popped the question.

In Congress Park..

As you can see the light is dropping..

The color is beautiful.

Another one of my favorite spots in downtown Saratoga Springs.

Last but not least.. my bling shot.. Melissa and Andrew, you’ve been blogged!

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