abi & brad: fenimore art museum, cooperstown, ny

Holy smokes! I’m just crazy about the blog I’m bout to drop on you peeps! It all started with a rainy and foggy ride out to Cooperstown NY. On our way to the Raymond’s home on the lake I wondered will God be on our side today and give us a break in the weather? Well sure enough we lucked out. When we arrived outside the Raymond’s home it was dreary outside, inside though it was a whole different story. Abi was getting her hair done and was just so happy to see us! I have to throw mad props her way for the smiles and positive energy. I just love that about her. After chatting with their awesome wedding coordinator and dear friend of mine Christine Wheat we decided to switch up the program a little. Not knowing what the weather was going to do we had to play it safe. We had only planned on photographing Abi and the ladies at the home and then having the first look and everything else at the reception location. Instead we stayed at the Raymond home which was great and special since this place was filled with memories to begin with. Then the man himself David Michael Schmidt of Renaissance Floral Design was dropping off the flowers. Once Abi put on that beautiful gown her whole energy shifted to a different level. She was a bride and no rain was going to stomp on that feeling. We were all set to work outside then the rain decided it wanted to make another appearance. Luckily it was quick and this was the last time we thought we’d see the rain on June 11th 2011. After a first look and a whole bunch of photos it was time for a ceremony. It was off to The Fenimore Art Museum just on the other side of Otsego Lake. The ceremony was outside despite the threat of more rain. I was stoked because being a natural light shooter I just love to shoot outdoors but we all know this. With only a 40% chance of rain in the forecast wouldn’t you know the time the string quartet started playing the processional music so did the rain. I’ll just say this and I’m not trying to make light of the whole situation but it was one of the most beautiful ceremonies with the umbrellas and light rain. The fact that Abi and Brad’s friends and family all sat there getting wet and were part of this ceremony is a testimony of their loyalty. It really was pretty. Once they were pronounced man and wife and walked down the aisle the thunder ponded as almost a warning to run for cover. I think it was mother nature applauding for the new couple, but thats me. Anyway it then down poured for the next hour and a half but all were safe and covered. Then the rain let up and I capitalized on it. I knew it was now or never. Abi, Brad and myself were outdoors in a light rain capturing some of my favorite images of the day. What a wedding! Mazzone Catering rocked it with the food too but they always do. But back to Christine Wheat real quick, or as I’m going to call her “the glue”. This girl and her staff of 5 or 6 wedding coordinators took whatever was thrown and them and Chuck Noris kicked it. I was really impressed since this wedding had the unpredictable weather and was at a location we all don’t work every Saturday either. Way to go! It was also shooting along side the CASL Production ladies as well. Thanks to our girl Hayden Yund for helping us out all day and rocking the Elario Photo Booth!! Now onto Abi, Brad, The Raymonds and The Frosts… Thank you all for being so awesome. Thank you for having us there to capture the great memories. We enjoyed spending the day wth you all. Abi & Brad, I hope Belize is treating you well. Congrats!!


Abi and Frosty. Frosty is Brad’s nickname.

The home was full of wonderful details.

Abi.. all smiles getting her beauty on..

Over at the boys cabin…

A little help from Mom..

I love red shoes. So fun.

Some bouquets by Renaissance Floral Design the maid of honors wrapped in American Girl clothing from a doll they used to play with..


So pretty..

Something old in her hair..

The first look.. here comes Frosty..

I love this little series..

So cute..

Brad rocking Abi’s fathers studs and cufflinks from way back in the day. Nice touch..

I love how those dresses would pop off that green backdrop.

I only had a small amount of time to photograph these two before we all had to roll to the ceremony site..

I did capture one of my favorites though..

another one..

The ceremony site by Renaissance Floral Design

I love this shot of Abi and her Father Jerry..

heck I love this whole series and how in this one you can see the rain..

Up went the umbrellas ..

Now I don’t know what exactly was happening here but I’ll give it a shot. Brad must have been approaching Jerry and Abi but Jerry wanted to savor that moment down to the final seconds with his girl before he gave her away. I love this image.

now he’s ready..

Like I said in my write up.. it was a beautiful ceremony..

What I especially love about the image on the left is the parents…

Wiping a tear..

Mr and Mrs…

Some details. Their place card table was awesome!

The room by Renaissance Floral Design who did a great job as always. Loving the colors David..

Caught a little private moment just minutes after their ceremony.

Party time!

Love this one..

This is my #1 favorite from their day.. it was also my facebook teaser but you all who are my friends knew that right?

I love how the wet pavement reflects here.. So sweet!

That good old configuration.. Elario style..

Sometimes the rain can make things very pretty..

OK one more..

Props to Gail Luna and Drew Taylor of Lune Cakes By Design on this awesome cake. Check them out!

I love the before and after shot. Ya think they liked it? Uh, yeah!

After they cut the cake they had their first dance..

so fun!

The Elario Photo Booth was in full swing thanks to Hayden!

Aside from the bride and groom this was my favorite photo booth couple.. I think I might start doing this in each blog post now.. The best couple in the booth, up the stakes a little to make people bring their A Game.

She asked for the camera, I said yes.

After the wedding was over it really wasn’t everyone went back to the Raymond’s home for the after party. Abi and Brad were greeted by the kids and parents..

What are they looking at?

I think you know where this is going…

Fireworks! It was a foggy night which made them pretty interesting.. I liked this one..

What a better shot to end with. I think this sums up how much everyone enjoyed this wedding. Thank you to all and congrats!!!!!!!!!

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