addie & matt: albany country club

It was a cold day but Addie & Matt were tough enough to come outside for a quick five minute session. We’re thrilled with the outcome of these shots. They had a great wedding at Albany Country Club with TS Ensemble rockin’ the house.

So with this blog I decided to do something different, back to my original way of shooting, all b&w. When my father first stuck the Canon EOS 1N in my hand at age 11 it had Tri-X film in it, which is a b&w film. It probably wasn’t until I was 19 years old I actually started shooting and seeing in color. I also shot a ton T-Max 3200 (also b&w) which might have been my favorite film, not to get too technical and loose you non photo readers but this film was very grainy and I loved that look. I would also print a lot of stuff warmer/sepia or on color paper which made the photos look warmer, this was a style I developed and used quite often. With these photos I wanted to mimic these two films and my old style. I hope I didn’t bore you much with all this technical mumbo jumbo.









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