Who says you can’t take on a fun personal project in the middle of a crazy wedding season? Last week I decided to add to my list of craziness a fun shoot with Alexandra and Gaston. For the photo buffs, I wanted to do a night shoot that was shot completely with just 1 Profoto B2. I’m super happy with the way these all turned out too! Alli and Gaston killed it but I mean they kind of have to since they’re both models, right? Big thanks to Angela’s Bridal for the bridal romper, Alexandria’s Beauty Salon for beautifying Alli and Fleurtacious for adding a pop of color to the shoot. Thanks again to Alexandra and Gaston for being awesome and available to shoot last minute! Looking forward to working with you both again. Now onto the images….


Meet Alexandra (even she’s been on the blog before) and Gaston.

What better location to do a night shoot at then our Empire State Plaza?

They can’t take a bad photo… It’s impossible.

Love this one.

and that water!

So pretty.. another fav!


The 200mm 1.8L strikes again!

Last one! Thanks so much you guys!!

How cool is this cinemagraph? 🙂

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