albany engagement session with kimberly & thomas

I’m keeping right on top of my blog posts! I say that because I shot this session last Friday and here I am blogging it the following Thursday. I’m patting myself on the back with all my blog posts this week! Unfortunately don’t expect a new blog post tomorrow since I’ll be shooting a wedding. We actually have two weddings this weekend and what a weekend it looks like its going to be! Anyway today’s blog is about Kimberly and Thomas. Let me just start out by saying I’m bummed we’re unable to shoot their wedding since we were already booked up. On the bright side I at least got to capture their engagement session in the city these two love birds met in. We set things off at Albany Pharmacy School. Thomas thought this would be a nice spot to start at seeing they met there many years ago, I concurred. Then we took it to the beautiful canvas of downtown Albany. I have so many spots I love shooting at in Albany they let me pick them all out. I will mention I never met Kimberly or Thomas until about 5 minutes before I took the first picture. By the end of the shoot I felt like we were old pals as I’m sure they did too. In that small window of time I came to one conclusion. This is couple is so very in love and these images show it. Thomas is the perfect gentleman always opening the passenger door of his car for Kimberly and when they walk they hold hands like it’s their first date while Kimberly is just smiling at him the whole time. It’s pretty cute. Thanks to Kim & Tom for having me capture these images for you, I enjoyed myself! Enough chatter from me now. I hope you all enjoy this one and enjoy your weekend as well!


Since they’re always holding hands it’s only right to start with this one..

They spent many years here studying to become Pharmacists… I’m sure when in school they never just sat back and relaxed, so I made them.

Just a good old b&w..

In the “Elario configuration”..

I love this one..

Loving these steps..

This is one of my favorites here..

and they love to laugh.

I shoot a lot at this location but often I have this to my back.. I decided to switch it up and look the other way for once..

I like this one too..

For the blog stalkers this location might look recently familiar.. I just had to go back to these doors.

I love when I get to the point of the engagement session where I know my couple is 100% relaxed..

because I start getting shots like this.

Thomas asked if I knew of any brick walls.. I brought them to my favorite one in Albany.

Sometimes its fun to go to the top.

The city was painted beautifully that night too.

Still smiling..

We’re just dancing now.

I love it!

Such a photogenic couple.

Go on.. show me that bling! Because I have to get my “bling shot”! And we out! Thanks guys!

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