Saturday, June 1st was a scorcher. The temperature in Lake George reached a high of 90 and it was a humid one as well. So what? Remember the Saturday before it was in the 40’s and raining? Amazing what a difference a week can make! So we set off the day at Alex’s parents incredible lake home in Bolton Landing. You probably remember it from their engagement session last summer, you know the one where they jumped in the lake! When we arrived at the house the crew from Make Me Fabulous was wrapping up their beauty. They had lots of pretty girls to work with too! Alex had a wonderful setting for her getting ready photos in her parents room which in my opinion had one hell of a view of LG! After the getting ready photos ended we bounced downstairs and outside into the heat/wind. As I was wrapping up my bride portraits I felt raindrops and then it POURED.  It rained for like 20 minutes again and it was the only cameo the rain made all day.

We then headed to The Sagamore on Lake George for their wedding! Geoff and the boys were all ready to go rocking their hand tied bow ties, a classic look no doubt! The space filled up and it was time for Alex’s father Tom to escort her down those stairs and give her away to Geoff. Once the ceremony was over we did our family group shots in record time because of the heat and we wanted to give everyone ample time to partake in The Sagamore’s cocktail hour. Alex, Geoff, Hayden and I hopped on a friends boat for a quick ride and captured some of my favorite images of the whole day. Take a look at my man, Al Woodard’s teaser he posted to see some sweet footage of all that.

The reception space (aka Shelving Rock) was beautiful. David Michael Schmidt of Renaissance Floral Design was on the decor and did a wonderful job as usual. They always deliver hotness. The stationery details were by our very own “Jenny” of Jenny C Design (her other, other, job) and she KILLED IT! The party then started and it was a jump off. The dance floor was packed and the band was super good.

We all had a blast capturing this one folks. BIG thanks to Alex and Geoff for having us! I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. You guys have been a pleasure to be around. Also it was great meeting my new blog stalker friends (thanks for looking). Again, congrats to the bride and groom! I wanna do this again!!


June 1st 2013… killer shoes huh? More to come of them joints..
the making of being made fabulous, hehe.
Oh hey gurrrrrl
Anyone who read the blog from their e-shoot knows I’m a big fan of Alex’s Dad, dudes a rockstar.
Going over his speech..
Mom and MOH helping Alex get ready.
The gown was really perfect and had some nice details..
love this one..
We all knew she’d be a stunner..
How about those colors?
Is this not the best backdrop?
At this point of the day the wind was kicking.. it worked though..
LOVE me a gown with pockets!!
Notice the cardinal in her bouquet? A little memory for her Grandfather..
The fellas looking fresh..
Our groom..
Heading to the ceremony site.
This is heaven on the lake.
This is always one of my favorite places to capture a bride and her father. I love the trees.
Look at dad’s smile.
I always love ceremony photos from this direction.. The Lecia was on point!
put a ring on it..
Mr & Mrs…
Cocktail time!
The bridal party..
Love the Sagamore in the backdrop on this one….
My favorite from the day..
The light and the colors were amazing!
ok one more of the Louboutin’s
Soooo pretty.
Some amazing Jenny C Designs right thurrrrrrr
As always Renaissance Floral Design delivers a great party space.
All their table names were unique to LG
Let’s Eat!
1st dance..
Dad’s toast..
time to go have some fun..
The blues were intense.
I love the reflection in the dock.
She knows how to pull him in..
Ok so this was as close to jumping in the lake they got. (e-shoot reference)
Like a painting..
Another big favorite of mine… Almost was the teaser image.
whats so funny?
The almost kiss and the configuration? My heads spinning!
A lovely b&w
and one more of my top 3 b&g photos from the whole day…
Now its time to party….
good band + fun people = great party
We made cardboard cutouts of the B&G for the photo booth. The guests loved them! No matter where you were in the room Geoff was staring at you, so weird. LOL
Jenny C Design’s latest creation, photo booth signs. So fun!
congrats you two!!!


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