alexa & sarah: senior shoot at emma willard

Its all about cranking out the blogs this week and thats what I plan to do. So for this post I am going to share some awesome senior shots of Alexa & Sarah. These seniors are attending Emma Willard School in Troy as well as living on campus. For those of you who are not familiar with Emma Willard its probably one of the most beautiful places in the whole capital region. We’ve shot tons of weddings in their chapel and I am extremely familiar with the campus so this shoot for me was a blast. Oh it also helps when your subjects are two beautiful young ladies that are totally fun and not the least bit camera shy. On with the post…

Enjoy, leave love,

Throw a rock and wherever it lands just shoot. Thats my motto for Emma Willard.

Something so simple as a doorway makes a sweet backdrop.

A couple solo shots. FYI Alexa is on the left and Sarah is on the right.

So how cool is this color? My favorite series of the whole shoot.

Does any of my blog stalkers thing Alexa resembles Mona? Maybe its the hair? I love these pics btw.

Look at Sarah workin’ it.

Not only are the BFF’s but they’re roommates too. They both hope to be roommates next year when they move off to college life.

The color just kept getting better..

The girls informed me that the lawn their on is known as “the senior triangle”…

Only seniors are allowed to walk on it, no teachers either. I love this shot btw.

However if you get permission granted by a senior then you can walk onto the lawn. My permission was granted 😉

I wish I had pictures of myself like this when I was in high school!

So cute…

These two are total goofs!

The photos on the left in the next two images are my fav portraits of them.

So cool.

Just when I thought the shoot was over the girls informed me of how cool my token “bling shot” was and wanted to take one! Since I was granted permission to walk the senior lawn it was the least I could do. So here is the first official “senior ring token bling shot”.

next one

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