alicia & frank: glen sanders mansion

Hello there November blog stalkers! Who would have thought on November 1st I’d be blogging a wedding from October 17th? Well, I have to apologize for my turtle like blog posts of late. There’s just not enough time in the day and I put a whole lot of time and love into my blog posts. For those who don’t know we shot 10 weddings last month and many other shoots. I still have 5 to blog for you from the month of October alone so stay tuned! Thanks for your patience too, I promise to make them all worth the wait. Now onto Alicia & Frank……

Back in July an enthusiastic Alicia contacted me inquiring for October 17th 2010. I’m not going to lie, at first I almost told her due to our already hectic month we could not take on another wedding and although her initial email was short and to the point it was her first two sentence’s that got me. “Hi, First and foremost, your pictures are absolutely beautiful! I am a huge fan!” That right there made me want to shoot her wedding. There is nothing that motivates me more than an enthusiastic bride who loves our work. Later that day Alicia was in this office I’m blogging from right now and the rest is history.

We set things off at her parents home. It was probably one of the nicest wedding days weather wise from this whole month. That being said, all the weekends this month were good to us and our couples. When my father and I rolled up there were no cars? Usually the house where the bride is getting ready you cant get into the driveway. I was like “are we at the right home?” As I approached the front door, I heard music blaring and bass bumping. Now I knew it was the brides home. After ringing the bell the door swung open and there was Alicia with a smile and look in her eyes that just radiated excitement. I have to say that pumped me up and I was even more stoked to shoot this wedding. We shot all our pre-ceremony stuff outdoors and then headed to St John’s in Schenectady where Frank and the fella’s were on site and ready to roll. That church has got to be one of the nicest of all churches we get to shoot in. Every time we work there we capture great stuff. It was now time for Alica and Dad to walk down the aisle. Frank had to be one of the most animated grooms in terms of his expressions as his beautiful wife to be and her father approached him. After the ceremony these Union College Alumni’s headed across the street to the campus to take photos. The foliage was peak so I worked it like crazy. I’m thrilled with the images! We then headed over the Glen Sanders Mansion decorated by that talented wife of mine Kris Ann Elario of Fleurtacious DesignsDJ Jeffrey Scott had himself one hell of a party. This wedding might have been on a Sunday but these people partied like it was a Friday! LOL. What a fun wedding reception!! All and all I must say I’m so happy I responded to Alicia in our first email letting her know we were in fact available. In this short time I feel we’ve gained to more great friends and were able to give them our gift of photography in return. We were honored to be part of your 10.17.10 roster! Congratulations guys. Oh and Frank, if Alicia is still as enthusiastic in the years to come there’s no doubt you guys will have a wonderful life ahead.


A dress and a fall inspired bouquet by Fleurtacious Designs.

Alicia and the women most close to her get ready…

I love this little first look with Alicia’s father Todd.

You cannot script emotion like this..

The ladies taking it all it.

Alicia’s parents home was a great studio for shooting.

I like this one of Alicia and her ladies..

this one too!

St Johns.. yup. Incredible church.

Frank and his fellas

Back light + a bride and her father = a great image.

One more..

All Frank’s expressions are just awesome. He was so happy to see her.

Jaw dropping..

Mr & Mrs..

This is  one of my top 3 favorite bridal party image’s from 2010.. the color, compression and the contents(thats you all πŸ˜‰ are awesome..

There happiness never stopped..

love this one..

and this one..

I guess Frank figured out peak foliage in some spread sheet or something… he nailed it!

I worked this little area for a while.

Sometimes you need to subtract all the color to get to the point.

too cute…
My facebook teaser. Let’s be friends people. If we were you would have seen this weeks ago πŸ˜‰

Another awesome one..

Two special things here. College campus (where they met) and their church in the background..

The Glen Sanders Mansion..

It was this kind of night..
DJ Jeffrey Scott had the floor jam packed all night.

Lastly… my pins get around! Alicia & Frank took this on the southern coast of Kauai, HI. They stalked a little from Hawaii! Stalk on people!

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