alissa & shane: a fun saratoga engagement session

I spent this past Sunday morning wondering around Saratoga Springs with Alissa & Shane and taking some pics while doing so. These guys are so fun! I’m excited for their October 2009 wedding, it’s going to be a blast to shoot. Seriously photographing someone who’s a performer such as Alissa makes my job real easy. We chose to shoot in toga because Alissa & Shane met at Skidmore college and spent quite a few years in this area. Basically when it comes down to it Saratoga rocks! Make sure you come back in late October to look for their blog, Alissa & Shane promised me they would work on their goofy faces and moves for the wedding. I can’t wait to see what they bring!

Enjoy, leave love.

So we’ll set it off with some nice clean b&w’s

I just love this one:

Look at Shane checking out that beautiful bling.

Like I said, they can be totally goofy. Easily my favorite series!

They can also be fun!

Another fun one.

They wanted a shot at this spot since they had many dates here.

Wardrobe change & back to school.

They used to meet up here all the time. A fun little series.

Alissa preforming a little.

Since their weddings at the hall I suggested we hit up the avenue of pines for a few. Probably my favorite shot of the dressier clothing.

Why not?

Loving this series too:

A couple more goof shots.

This might be in the running for my favorite token bling shot this season.

next one

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