alissa & shane: the hall of springs

So yeah this is a late in the week blog post for you all but better late than never. For wedding number 2 of 3 this past weekend we had the honor of shooting Alissa & Shane’s Hall of Springs wedding. What a fun wedding this was too. I mean the bridal party alone were straight up a bunch of nuts. They were all out for one thing, a good time. As soon as we got to the hotel their wedding planner Katie O’Malley was on the scene making sure all went well. Here’s a note ladies, wedding planners are a good thing. I’ll tell you this till I’m blue in the face, they just make everyones job less stressful and keep you all on schedule with their cute little agenda sheets and clipboards. Anyway last we left off here on the blog with Alissa & Shane was their engagement session which I shot in Saratoga and on the beautiful Avenue of the Pines. So I thought where a better place to have them do their first look than in that very spot. As you’ll see from the images, it was just perfect. We first met up with the guys who were sipping on some yummy beer (sarcasm) and took some photos of them. Then Alissa arrived and they met on the yellow lines. How cool right? After that it was off to the hall for some more photos and oh yeah a wedding too. I just love shooting ceremonies inside the hall. Its such an amazing room. Seriously the guests jaws just drop when they enter, we see it happen every time. The decor and flowers were done by David and his staff from Renaissance Floral Design andΒ the room looked great. A wedding needs video and thats where my man Al Woodard comes into play. This guy is doing some nutty stuff with wedding videos so check him out. As I mentioned before weddings should have wedding planners and the company on the scene was the popular Lisa Light of Destination Bride, nice seeing you Lisa. So again, this was another sweet wedding for the October archives and we thank Alissa & Shane for allowing us to do our thing and deliver some awesome photos.

Enjoy, leave love,

Like I said yummy beer’s…. not! Where’s the Sam October?

I don’t know that beer must have had something in it.

The first look!

The color blows my mind!

An easy favorite right here!

Show me what ya got! Alissa is hilarious.

Ok a semi serious one.

Wow… right?

So pretty.

A throw back from this past July.

Love it!

A little romance…

I love when Alissa said “what about if I hop on his back?” I was like “yes, do it!” Obviously Alissa wasn’t worried about wrinkles and all that. Take notes ladies.


More of that October color.

Booya! My fav on the day right here.

I like this. Shane that was awesome.

Doesn’t this room just look sick in a nice grainy b&w?

The room, details.

One of the groomsmen sang and played their first dance. He was really great too.

Hava nagila hava!


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