Amanda & Dustin’s Engagement Photos at The Mount

Well I must say The Mount sure is proving to be the location of the season for shoots! What’s not to love about this place? It’s absolutely gorgeous, unique and special. When Amanda and Dustin asked me to shoot their engagement photos at The Mount I was obviously all about it. I love the look of this one, especially on the front end with their super dressed up style. It worked perfectly at this venue and not to mention they both looked awesome. So without anymore chatter I present Amanda and Dustin’s engagement photos.


Meet Watson… and also Amanda and Dustin..
We started this one at level 10..
Digging the b&w..
That gown though.
Oh my I really dig that image on the left
killing it..
Sorry Dustin but they both stole the show..
Easily my favorite image from the front end of this shoot..
Outfit #2..
How awesome is this place?
love it.
Love this one too!
The lime walk is always my favorite spot at The Mount.
Oh hey there Watson!
a couple more..
and we’ll wrap this one up with my token “bling shot”
and a turnaround! see you guys next August!!

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