amanda & shane: hall of springs

Gosh, where do I even start with this one? Well, for starters this wedding was OFF THE HOOK! Seriously thats how Amanda and Shane roll. They get the best of the best, put us all in one room, on one day and say do your thang. I remember when I met with Shane, Amanda and her sister “the photo buff” Alexandra I was told the wedding would be BIG. Yeah yeah ok what’s 350 at the Hall of Springs? Thats nothing new. No no no. BIG as in off the heezy for sheezy. Amanda and Shane brought in the big guns on this one… Was it off the chain? Uh yeah! Sit back and grab some popcorn cause its on like Donkey Kong!

Our 12 hour day began at 11am at the Lecce home in Niskayuna where the Beyonce was pumping and the hair spay was flowing. My homegirl and wedding coordinator Christine Wheat was in the house again making sure everything was just perfect and on time! It’s a major sigh of relief to me when I hear that my couple is working with Christine, she’s like the egg in Amanda and Shane’s wedding batter that holds all us clowns together. Haha. I know, I’m crazy. Also at the Lecce home was not only Alayne Curtis from Make Me Fabulous on hair but Tina Barbato from Flawless by Tina on makeup. So yes, it was a Fabulously Flawless or Flawlessly Fabulous duo, whichever you prefer. Then pulls up David Michael Schmidt  Renaissance Floral Design or as I like to call him “King David” in his new delivery van. Why am I talking about it? Not because it was a Mercedes (I’m a BMW guy) but because this nut personalized it with their wedding logo and date. You’ll see in the pictures. Then Amanda got dressed and the day proceeded as usual. We took some pics at this gorgeous home while videographer Al Woodard and I laughed at this bee that would not stop bugging Amanda’s sister. Too funny! Did I mention Amanda was stunning?

Now we’re off to St Luke’s in Schenectady, the church was decorated beautifully too. I thought this church was just so photogenic. It was however a little tough to work i because the priest has some super duper strict rules, probably the most strict rules ever! My guess is some rookie goof photographer(s) in the past gave us professionals who know what we’re doing a bad name. It happens. I guess the reason I mention this because I think we managed to get great images even though we on a tight leash. I would love to shoot there again because its really a stunning church. Oh! How awesome that ceremony started EXACTLY on time? I looked at Christine Wheat when Amanda and her dad walked down the aisle and said “How do you do that?” She just winked, love her.

Now onto the Hall of Springs. Again, where do I begin? Well for starters every wedding has a designer whether its a florist, caterer or whatever. The man was David Michael Schmidt and his team from Renaissance Floral Design. They SMOKED this one. The florals, linens, candles, etc were all wonderful. Clifton Park Rental with their lighting took this room to a new level. I’ve seen it washed in color before and it’s awesome but I’ve never seen the pinspot lit tables at the Hall of Springs. I’m glad to start seeing this trend at weddings now because its off the chain and you all should do it 😉 Mike Frodey is simply a lighting genious, keep up the good work Mike! Now I’d be crazy if I didn’t give mad love to Angelo Mazzone, Kevin Sykes, Mark Delos, Mary Ann and the Mazzone Catering team. The food kept coming! It was a non-stop food fest! Seriously, just when you thought you had some of Debbie Coyes cake and life was good what do they do? They bring Amanda and Shane’s favorite pastry shop TO the Hall of Springs! Word, they brought Civitello’s Spumoni & Italian Pastry Shop to the Hall of Springs. Not just a tray of their food, no no no. The mad man Mark Delos constructed the facade of this place complete with the signs and all. When you went inside, the counters, booths and tables were there too. Along with the “sorry no checks accepted” sign! Too cool! This one takes the cake for most original dessert room I’ve ever seen. Gosh there was so much stuff going on people still managed to keep the dance floor packed all night. Well, thats what happens when the New York Players are in the house! Also thanks to Hayden Yund for holding down the gold Elario Photo Booth too! This was a hot one folks. So many great people came together to make Amanda and Shane’s wedding day so special. I just wonder how the Lecce’s will top it for their next two beautiful and single daughters? Oh and their son’s 😉

If you’re still reading this blog pat yourself on the back because you’ve made it this far and you’re not even looking at the images yet. With that being said, this is where I say thank you. Thank you Amanda, Shane, the Lecce’s the Mahars and everyone for having us. This was a special one to have been part of and I can’t begin to show my gratitude to you all. Your wedding really was a blast! I love you both like a fat kid loves some Debbie Coye cake. Keep rocking!! Congrats!!


** UPDATE: peep the hotness in motion on my boy Al Woodards blog.

We all remember their engagement session right?

The gown and shoes..

Some bling and a monarch pin.

After you get made “fabulous”

you get made “flawless”

I had to. You’re looking at the best of the best on right and left folks. Love these gals..

Oh yes he did.. David Michael Schmidt, you’re a nut!

Time to get dressed!

Amanda’s mom Christine was loving this!!

and father Lou as well enjoying seeing his first girl in white..

I love this shot of the parents..

Amanda and her purrdy sisters..

I love a small bridal party. I love that their colors are all different yet all work to well together.

They even had their own custom bouquets.

Come on! She’s not even trying..

As Amanda would say she’s “channeling her inner Beyonce”

I love this one..

Mr Shane… looking good my man!

The fellas..

An on time bride arrives at the church ready to tie the knot.

Deep breaths..

What a beautiful church!

Mr & Mrs..

If you’ve walked down the aisle you know this feeling..

Something I said?

I love it..

Props to Hayden for upstaging me with the forehead kiss..

The front of the hall had some fun color so we “spun” through.. .

And then they got into an Elario Configuration…

A do love this one too.

So romantic..

Another fav..

The cocktail hour..

Place cards by Paper Dolls of Saratoga.

The Hall of Springs ballroom by Renaissance Floral Design

Their head table was quite a vision..

They wanted to reveal the room to Amanda and Shane so instead of them walking into it I suggested they close their eyes and be brought to the dance floor. Then on the count of 3 open their eyes.. Her face says it all..

Then we put people in the room and party..

The first dance complete with bubble blowers..

Amanda’s siblings deliver a great toast..

Now, I was happy with images I captured of them earlier but after toasts I looked outside and saw this light. Needless to say I’m beyond happy with their photos. Thats what we do, we chase the light..

Theres so much butter light in this picture my heart hurts..

favorite image of the day alert!!

You must laugh like this on your wedding day..

Oh my facebook teaser.. I love it too.

Another Debbie Coye masterpiece.. a resemblance to her gown?

I love Amanda’s endless expressions.

Lou Lecce made the announcement “Civitello’s is now open!”

The New York Players know how to pack a dance floor.. Love the chick rocking air guitar in the front.. lol.

and if the pastries weren’t enough earlier this awaited you outside..

More images of the impressive lighting from Clifton Park Rental.

and we’ll get into the Elario Photo Booth..

Where Angelo Mazzone can’t help but jump for joy 😉

How about the back drop? Word, not even released yet from drop it MODERN.. stay tuned for this and more in the early winter.

She’s a blog stalker… nice meeting you!

I love gooooooold! (austin powers 3 goldmember voice)

The Lecce’s

Congrats to you both!!!!!!!!!

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