amanda & shane’s engagement session!

A week ago today I caught up with Amanda and Shane! We took some pics and it rocked! Thats it. I’m kidding, imagine I just wrote that and that only? Anyway! Amanda and Shane are set to wed in 46 days and you know we’ll be there to capture this awesome event but before all that I needed to capture their engagement session. I’m glad they decided to do an engagement session because now I have these awesome images to share with you and I got to know them even more! We had a freaking blast shooting in Troy. Really, it was just super fun which makes me that much more stoked for their big day! Amanda and Shane have this contagious thing about them that just makes you love them. You’ll see what I mean by the end of the blog! We’re going to have a blast on 9/24! Holler!!!!



Meet Amanda and Shane. Amanda came straight from Flawless by Tina for her makeup. I highly recommend getting your hair and makeup done for an e session!

I love it..

A little configuration..we’ll get back this later in outfit #2.. but I must say I love this light (we know this though)

Holler for some mosaic tiles!

Can’t you feel how fun they are?

Oh I like this one..

Go get her Shane!

I love this. Not sure what we were laughing at but its fun either way.

Amanda, you’re beautiful and ridiculously photogenic. How bout the blue dress?

Complete with a prop from every girls favorite store.

Seriously it just keep getting easier.

love it!

This one I tossed up on my facebook as a teaser and wow did it get some buzz. Amanda’s friends were freaking out and writing on her wall with all types of love. (don’t forget to leave some in the comment box below 😉

This is my new favorite backdrop in Troy..

Was it something I said?

Time for the I can’t believe its not “butter” light! 😉

Ahh I like this one..

Another configuration..

So sweet..

If the image on the left was a song at a concert I’d stand up and applaud it.

How beautiful is Troy?

A nice little b&w as we wind down..

a little closer..

She is hilarious with my token “bling shot”

one more.. can’t wait for September 24, 2011!!!!!!!!!

next one

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