Andrea & Brad’s Brooklyn Engagement Photos

It’s time for another gorgeous Brooklyn engagement session! Today we’re featuring 2017 Elario bride and groom to be, Andrea and Brad. I shot their engagement session in Brooklyn / DUMBO. I legit love shooting there. No matter what way you point the camera you’re hooked up with great scenery. Big thanks to Andrea and Brad for having me come down! Cant wait till April!!


Meet Andrea and Brad..

This b&w is like we stepped back in time..

Yellow is my favorite color..

I LOVE this mural!! and how perfect is that twirl?


This color gradient is so fun.

This street is my favorite spot in dumbo.

Outfit #2 and a new view!

Love these two images side by side.

My favorite image from the whole session.

Does it get any better than this?

and as always here is my token “bling shot” (since 2008)..

and a silly face turnaround! see you guys next year!

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