Today is the day for Angela & Rob’s State Room wedding photos! You might recently remember these two so if you’re saying to yourself, “weren’t they just on the blog for their engagement session?” you are correct! I just LOVED photographing Angela and Rob, aside from being incredibly easy to capture they are such nice people. Thats why I believe they were blessed with such a perfect wedding day. That or the rosaries that were hung outside the night before 😉 The day flowed perfectly thanks to the help of Casey, Nate and Rachel of Katie O’ Weddings & Events. Also if you’re thinking “damn Angela looked flawless” (by Tina) then you are correct again. Working along side Niki Rossi’s video team was great too, the guys were super courteous and you wouldn’t know they were there. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the incredible fleurs by Fleurtacious Designs too! Shout out to Tom, Amy and Belinda at The State Room for always being great as well as TS Ensemble for rocking the house. Overall they had one killer team! Angela, Rob and families, thank you all for having us. Working with you was our pleasure. Maybe we can do it again next year? 😉 Here’s to a lifetime of happiness! Congrats again!


Let’s set it off with some pretty details..

Flawless by Tina in the house!

Tina has always had her branding game on point but this coffee mug is just awesome!

Fresh loub’s..

This bride.. So. Damn. Photogenic.

Love this shot of Grandma kissing the rosary.

Dad’s 1st look!

A stunning bride and a stunning bouquet by Fleurtacious Designs.

Loved this church!

On deck..

Here comes the bride.

Such a great “hand off” shot..


get them iPhones out it’s time for the Mr & Mrs shot..

Bridal party brining it at the New York State Capital.

How perfect is this location for the bridesmaids shot?


I love that these two got us some VIP access into some off limit spots…

sp pretty!

Love it!!

That gown moved like nothing I’ve seen before..

Classic bridal party on the NYS Capital steps photo with an Elario spin..

LOVE this b&w.

Off to The State Room in one of Tom’s 900 classic cars 😉

The State Room! Signature drink sign by Jenny C Design. Flowers and decor by Fleurtacious Designs.

On deck about to start their party!

I know there are a lot of twirl shots but damn she was too good at it!

Great toast by Dad.

Back onto State St for some more photos..

I love how relaxed they look here.

and back to the party…

Normally I don’t blog parent dance shots but I loved Angela and Dad’s… so perfect!

and a dress change in time to cut the cake! Congrats you two!!


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