angelina, liza & natalia

Last thursday I busted out the winter coat to meet up with a past bride of ours in an alley way. Sounds sketchy huh? It wasn’t. Donna wanted to have her three beautiful daughters photographed. It’s like having three mini Donna’s running around I swear! Anyway, Donna had this great idea of putting them in these tutu’s and converse, so I had the idea of the alley way. I was really excited to shoot them and the light was just perfect. Did I mention it was cold out? Well these poor things toughed it out for about an hour while I photographed them. Thanks for having me capture the beauty of your girls, looks like your husband Joe is going to have his hands full.

Enjoy –


The little one Natalia wasn’t feelin’ this shot.




They all we’re happy once they got their lollipops.



This was a quick one I grabbed when we were done.

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